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7 Best Reasons To Travel Solo



Traveling solo is a rewarding experience that truly tests your spirit while showing you exactly what you’re made of. You’ll often find yourself in difficult situations with no one to rely on but yourself, and you’ll often discover things about yourself you wouldn’t otherwise learn. If you’re afraid of heading out on your own for your next adventure, here are few reasons you should give it a shot.

It’s Hard
This probably sounds like a reason to not travel solo, but the hardest things in life are what make us grow and usually end up being some of our greatest memories. Traveling alone truly tests your mettle and allows you to find out what you’re capable of without a safety net to catch you when you fall. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and you can definitely overcome any hurdle that comes your way.

You’ll Get Bragging Rights
Solo travelers always have the best stories. Not only will you be able to say you traveled the world, but you did it without any help. Throw that one out and just watch the awe (and a little jealousy) pop up on everyone’s face.

You’re Unrestricted
Travel companions are great, but sometimes being with a friend or partner means sacrificing your desires for theirs. This is especially troublesome if you don’t have the same interests. When you’re solo, you can go where you want, eat where you want, sleep where you want and sleep when you want without objection. It’s pretty much all you, all the time.

You’ll Meet More People
Traveling with a partner can be fun, but it can lead to insulation too. When you’re alone, the only way to stave off that lonely feeling is to chat with people you don’t know. You’ll interact more with locals and get a better feel for the culture and a more well-rounded experience. Plus, you can bring anyone back to your hotel whenever you feel like. If that’s your thing.

It Won’t Kill A Friendship/Relationship
We’ve all heard about those friends/lovers who went away on vacation only to come back wanting to tear out each other’s throats. Traveling together and being with another person 24/7 can be stressful and personalities can clash. That’s not a problem when you’re flying solo. Unless you have a split personality—but if you do, we’re not sure you should be traveling anyway.

It Can Be Cheaper
If you’re traveling with a companion who insists on being on the go at all times and seeing every site in every city, it can be draining on not only your mind but also your wallet. Solo traveling is simply more relaxing and allows you to be a little pickier about where you spend your cash. There’s no compromising on dinner selections, so if you want to eat a $2 hot dog instead of a $20 four-course meal, feel free.

It Changes the Experience
One of the best things about solo traveling is it leaves the door open to visit a place again with a friend. That’s because traveling to a place alone is an entirely different animal than traveling with a friend, and it’s worth making the trip in both situations to get a different feel for the place. When you do go a second time with a partner, you’ll already know your way around so you can avoid a lot of the stress and just have a good time exhibiting your vast knowledge gained from experience.


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