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Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bags and Travel Security Products

Venturesafe 45L: The Perfect On-the-Go Bag


Every day, I leave wherever I may be staying to venture out and photograph all types of nature and commercial projects around the US and the world at large. Trying to find the right bag to carry things is not always easy. Some days it might be 4 cameras and a ton of lighting gear, others it’s a 2 mile walk on the beach with underwater gear, or a 4-flight trip to Europe! Versatile bags to carry awkward pieces of gear is the norm.


The Venturesafe 45L fits into my quiver of gear bags very well. Its ability to hide the shoulder straps is key to transforming it into not catching on anything. I also like that it can be compressed when not in use for storage. Using the compression straps can adapt well when not filling it up or as a way to keep your things inside from becoming a complete mess when you open it back up. 

As expected with all Pacsafe gear, it comes with the security features to keep your gear safe from anyone wanting what’s inside. I drive an open air Jeep when I’m home; I can lock the pack to the frame and know going into a store for a quick shop stop I won’t have to worry.


It is also the perfect carry on size for airplanes. The advantages of not having a rigid frame means it can pass easily as a discreet personal item! The molded back is perfect for long days carrying the pack! It’s also thin and has great air flow channels for when your back starts to warm up!

With all my adventures the 45L has been a constant companion and I have been super stoked on its ability to hold up!



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