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Europe's 7 Most Unique and Strange Museums

If the Louvre and the British Museum seem like your everyday European museum, why not try something different? From currywurst to contraception, get off the beaten path at these unique, strange and outright bizarre museums found in Europe.

The Phallology Museum – Reykjavik, Iceland
With the pure interest in science, Sigurður Hjartarson opened the museum to display more than 280 penises from land and marine mammals. Visitors discover the secrets behind the function of the love-making muscle from some of the smallest and largest mammals on the planet.

Currywurst Museum – Berlin, Germany
Nothing is more German than a wurst. Berliners have found deep love and appreciation for its original currywurst creation. When in Berlin, tour the Currywurst Museum, located near Checkpoint Charlie to discover the history and taste behind the original wurst that was created in the 40s. The best part of the museum is the snack bar where you can eat currywurst with a wooden two-pronged fork, just like in the old days. Vegetarian currywurst is also available.wurstsofa-rgb

Museum of Contraception and Abortion – Vienna, Austria
Like all forms of medicine, contraception and abortion tools have progressed throughout the years. This museum displays the background and historical tools used for “down there.” The museum does not take a stand for or against the subject matter, but is a place to show the stomach-turning tools and thought processes used as far back as the 1500s.

Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum – England
It’s no secret that dog collars are a canine’s claim to stylish fashion. Each year over 500,000 travelers visit the museum to discover more than 100 items dating back to the medieval era. Discover the reason behind certain styles such as 15th century spiked collars which protected hounds against wild boars and wolves.wo-historysetinstone

The Torture Museum – Prague, Czech Republic
This medieval city displays more then 60 gruesome torture devices used during the medieval era. Scary but harmless, the three-floored museum contains some of the oldest artworks and devices used to torture everyone from witches to women to peasants.

National Leprechaun Museum – Dublin, Ireland
Are you searching for a pot of lucky charms? You may just find it in this family-orientated museum. Visitors explore folk tales, mythology and life-sized leprechauns that make perfect partners for selfies.

Museum of Broken Relationships – Zagreb, Croatia
Nothing cheers up a breakup or divorce more than a trip to the Museum of Broken Relationships. The museum aims to support those who have experienced a hard breakup. More than 700 objects from donators around the world are on display where you too can offer your breakup or heartache masterpiece. Whether it’s personal belongings or constructed art conceptualized to overcome a breakup, there’s something for everyone at this museum.


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