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Unusual Activities To Do On Your Next Vacation

unusualvacaBored of the same old when it comes to travel? Feel as if though you’ve seen and done it all? Consider it time to shake up your holiday itinerary with some truly atypical vacation activities. From cage diving with crocs in South Africa to enjoying dinner at a table hovering 150 ft above the ground, we’ve gathered a list of activities that will leave even the most jaded vacationer breathless.

Crocodile Cage Diving, Oudtshoorn, South AfricaShark diving too mainstream? Why not look into spending some time nose to nose with Nile crocodiles, who average 16 feet in length and tip the scales at a respectable 900 lbs. At the Cango Wildlife Ranch, brave visitors are outfitted with a snorkel and goggles before being lowered into a pool filled with these behemoth reptiles. The cages are sturdy and promise to withstand even the most determine croc’s attempts at a nibble. For the brave traveler, what better way to spend a day?

Heli-BikeTwizel, New Zealand



You’ve heard of heli-skiing, now get ready to add heli-biking to your ever-growing list of awesome vacation adventures. Equipped with a trusty two-wheeled steed, participants are flown up to the incredibly scenic Ben Ohau mountain range where they are then let loose to make their way through incredible terrain as they navigate their way back down to the bottom. Stunning views, challenging trails, and a downhill-only journey. Sounds like a pretty ideal setup.

Dog SleddingHaliburton, Canada



80,000 acres of forest featuring 300 km of trails come together to provide an unforgettable experience for anyone who’s ever dreamed of experiencing the great white North at the helm of a dogsled. Led by a team of professional guides, this is a hands-on experience that has visitors participating in every step of the process, from harnessing the Siberian Huskies to driving the team. Choose from introductory, half-day, or full-day tours where you’ll be treated to unparalleled scenery, unforgettable photo ops, and a stop at a warm up cabin for a little sustenance. With winter adventures like this one, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would even consider the beach.

ParahawkingPokhara, NepalTouted as being the “ultimate flying experience”, Parahawking attempts to bridge the gap between bird and man by providing both with the opportunity to fly together in search of thermals. The amazing birds of prey have been trained to fly alongside paragliders, allowing for the bipedal participants to interact fully with their winged guides. The experience is more than an adventure, it’s a lesson into the intricacy of these amazing creatures and offers travelers the chance to engage with these birds on the verge of extinction.

Wilderness School, Rice Lake, Canadacanadian bushcraftFancy yourself a true outdoorsperson? Test your mettle by taking part in this Native-owned wilderness school that offers participants the chance to really see what it’s like to make a place for oneself in the great outdoors. Expect hands-on training that will challenge you in ways you never thought possible, all while providing the kind of rewarding feeling that can only come from holding your own in the bush. From one-day survival skills courses to more intense 4-day workshops, expect the learn a lot and come back to civilization feeling wholly transformed.


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