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8 Essentials to Carry in Your Travel Handbag


You know what to pack in your luggage. You know what to pack in your carry-on. Now, it’s time to decide what to pack in your travel handbag—you know, the carry-all that you take with you when you step out of your hotel or when you’re off on a day excursion.

Start off by finding the right travel handbag. Size matters: take inventory of your must-haves and make sure the handbag can fit it all in—but beware of over packing, since a heavy handbag can take its toll after hours walking around a new city.

The options are endless—from our minimalist Citysafe CS50 Anti-Theft Cross Body Purse to our sporty looking Venturesafe 350 GII Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag—just find one that you love and that works for you, and get packing!

No matter where you’re heading, you’re probably going to need to bring some money. If there is a reliable safe where you’re staying, you might want to stow some cash in there and just carry what you’ll need for the day. If credit cards are accepted where you’re traveling—and they are in most places, these days—they’re a great bet, but always have a little cash on you, too.

Passport and ID
Not everyone thinks that bringing your passport with you is a wise idea. If there is a safe place to leave your passport and you feel comfortable doing so, that’s always an option. But carrying it on your person means that you know where it is at all times, and you have it with you if anything comes up. Identification is important to keep on-hand, too.

Bringing your camera on a day trip is a no-brainer—on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you never know what incredible sights you’re going to see. Whether you’re relying on a trusty iPhone camera or you’ve got a fancy DSLR, take it with you!

Name and Location of Hotel
This might seem silly, but combine a foreign city, huge crowds, and jet lag, and you could very well find yourself disoriented. Always carry the name and location of your hotel —just nab a business card or brochure from the front desk, and you’ll be good to go.

On a similar note, it’s a good idea to keep a map on hand, since it’s easy to get lost in a new place. Some people prefer the reliability of a good old paper map, but if the map on your phone works in your exotic destination, that should do the trick (and save a little room). You might want to bring along your charger, as well as any adapters—just in case.

Pen and Paper
A tiny notebook and a pen won’t take up much room in your bag, so pack them along. You never know when you might need to jot something down—a restaurant recommendation, a contact number, a grocery list…

A light, airy scarf will squish down to almost nothing in your bag, but it serves more than one purpose. First, it’s an easy way to accessorize—something you’ll appreciate after wearing the same outfit days in a row. Second, it can add a little insulation in an over-air conditioned museum or restaurant. Third, it can be great for covering your shoulders if you’re in a place of worship or somewhere that requires conservative dressing.

Sampling the local fare is part of the fun, but if you’re not sure that you’ll be close to grocery stores or restaurants along the way, you might want to pack a few snacks with you. Nobody wants to get hangry on a trip!


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