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Survive Holiday Travel With These Must-Have Gadgets

For many of us, traveling around the holidays brings out our inner Grinch. Weather delays, insane line-ups, flights packed the brim… bah, humbug. But in order to spend time with your loved ones around the holiday season—or to flee it all for a tropic beach somewhere far away—travel this time of year is often a necessary evil.

While we can’t recommend an app that will make crowds disappear (not yet, at least), there are some great gadgets out there to help make holiday travel as painless as possible. If you’re planning on traveling over the next month, you’ll definitely want to check them out.

Let There Be Power
You’re probably relying on your smartphone/tablet/laptop to get you through your holiday travels, whether it’s to access an addictive game to keep you entertained or to keep tabs of your electronic boarding ticket. Don’t risk running out of battery—always bring your charger with you. Better yet, pack an external battery charger, like the Outdoor Tech Kodiak 6000mAh USB Power Bank—charge it up at home and if your phone runs out of juice en route, simply connect it to the Kodiac. Voila: instant power.

Road Trip Multi-Tool
If you’ll be traveling by car, you’ll need to be prepared for ugly weather conditions. Pack along an emergency car kit (don’t forget water, snacks, and a blanket) and check out the Champ Survival Sidekick 10-in-1 Multitool. This tool looks like a simple flashlight, but it’s actually a flashlight/weather radio/glass breaker/distress light/siren/USB charger for mobile devices (yes!)/compass/seatbelt cutter/even more. It’s a great tool to keep on hand in case of emergencies—and a good gift to give for your frequent road tripping loved ones.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Because you just know you’re going to be seated next to a crying baby on that 8-hour trans-Atlantic flight.

Whether you’re hoping to drain out sound to catch some shut-eye, or you’d like to actually be able to hear the in-flight entertainment instead of the airplane motor, noise-cancelling headphones will definitely enhance your on-board experience. Check out A Audio’s Legacy over-ear headphones, which have three settings: active noise cancellation, audio, or bass enhancer (if you want to send a message to your armrest-hogging neighbor… just kidding!)

Professional Packing Tools
Most holiday travelers prefer to avoid checking a bag – with the inevitable flight changes, delays, and missed connections, it’s far too easy for a checked bag to get lost. But getting all your stuff into a carry on isn’t always easy. Step one: start with a sturdy carry-on. Our Toursafe™ EXP21 wheeled carry-on is lightweight, super roomy, and features smartly designed pockets and compartments. Step two: download the Packing Pro app. It’s the perfect packing list tool, helping you remember the essentials without over packing for the trip. This is a great tool for families on the go, where traveling involves multiple bags.

WiFi To Go
Don’t rely on weak WiFi connections or – even worse—hotel WiFi that costs an arm and a leg. Pick up a mobile WiFi hotspot, like Netgear’s Mingle Mobile WiFi Hotspot (compatible with Virgin Mobile). This little tool requires a data plan, but once you’ve got it, wireless internet is yours wherever you are, whenever you need it—even in a moving car.


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