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It's December! Where did the time go?

IMG_5364I toyed with the idea of doing a year end recap with some of my favorite moments,  but then I thought, that’s boring, everyone does that! So instead, I am here to talk to you about my favourite ways to ‘take the edge off’. Yes, boys and girls, these are my top ways to ‘find a quick fix’ in Asia this year…

Vomit prevention
Straight outta Japan, these motion sickness pills do wonders…the best I’ve tried, bar none.  No induced coma drowsiness, which allows you to focus on not throwing up because of the booze rather than the sea sickness.

image001 (2)

Throat sore no more
If you are ever in Thailand, I suggest you stock up on some of this!  For me, this was the magic sore throat pill. My voice was completely gone and my throat as sore as a fat boy after crossfit. But minutes after sucking on these bad boys, my voice came back.  Miraculous!

image002 (2)


Cure for the Common Cold
Last but not least, I definitely believe in food being the cure all for everything. I am pleased to introduce to you, the Yintimidator burger:

image003 (1)
The offical name of this burger is the CHA POW!  It is named after a character I played in the upcoming movie, Man with Iron Fist 2. Inside you’ll find a  locally sourced organic all beef patty, 2 chicken breasts, cole slaw, sauteed onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, onions, stuffed with french fries. Oh, and a special hot sauce with a kick so good it’ll make you slap yo’ mama!

So if you are ever in Thailand, go ahead and visit my friends at GARAGE BURGER BKK and get some CHA POW in your mouth!

Travel safe this holiday season and remeber to Pacsafe!  See you in 2015!


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