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Why France is Best in the Fall



France is known for a lot of things, but autumnal travel isn’t always one of them. It’s a shame because fall in France is one of the most beautiful times to experience this incredible country, regardless of what kind of traveler you are. From sensational seasonal markets to a special holiday celebrating a late-blooming wine, we give you a guide to some of the best reasons to visit France this fall.

There Are Far Fewer Crowds
As is the case with most European and North American countries, fall marks the return to school, work, and routine for the majority of the French population. What does this mean for the traveler? Typically crowded holiday destinations become blissfully deserted, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the French countryside at their own pace without having to worry about getting lost in the shuffle. Because the vacationers have all gone home, prices on accommodations tend to be incredibly low and it’s easy to find great deals at amazing restaurants. Availability is usually pretty open as well, making for an all-around fantastic experience.

The Colors are Spectacular
To truly enjoy a visual feast, head to the South of France where you are promised to be treated to autumn colors so vivid that you’ll have a hard time believing they’re real. Tree-lined highways become resplendent with fiery shades of red, orange, and yellow, making even a drive to pick up a baguette and cheese an event to remember. Naturally, Paris is in on the action, boasting bright hues along the Champs Elysées and on the banks of the Seine. Just getting lost on a Parisian side street becomes a blissful experience when there’s so much beauty surrounding you.

The Weather is Beautiful
Unlike other areas in the fall, France isn’t known for having especially wet or chilly autumn months. Usually, the days are delightfully warm and the skies are bright blue and cloudless, making it the perfect weather to enjoy long rambles along cobblestone streets and for sipping bold coffees on cafe terraces. That being said, the evenings tend to be cooler so don’t forget to pack a sweater or jacket, just to keep your bases covered.

The Shopping is Amazing
In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, Parisian department stores, boutiques, and everything in between start to stock up on the biggest and the best that there is to offer. While it’s not typically sale season, there’s a healthy amount of competition which means that there are always deals to be had. If you’re looking to have the pick of the crop when it comes to French fashion, the autumn months promise to be your dream come true. From mega-stores like Printemps, to smaller shops in the Marais district, everyone has brought their A-game, making picking up a few souvenirs absolutely irresistible.

The People are Friendly
Now well-rested after contending with seemingly non-stop crowds, shop owner and restauranteurs tend to be more than happy to engage with visitors wanting to sample their wares or inquire about their daily specials. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise—the French can be wonderfully friendly and are usually delighted to show you the ropes. Take advantage of the season to stop for a bite in the tiny restaurants that can be found off the beaten path. Chances are high that these will be the spots that you experience the meal of a lifetime (and usually for an excellent price).

The Food is Incredible
With fall comes the harvest and with the harvest comes an onslaught of fresh, local foods that have the ability to transform even the most reluctant foodie into a gastronomic adventurer. Fruits and vegetables straight from the fields can be found in abundance at local markets and are prominently featured on restaurant menus. Prepare to be amazed at what the French can do with a few simple, fresh ingredients.


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