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The Ultimate Fall Travel Wardrobe



Autumn is a tricky season for travel. The occasional scorching day coupled with frigid nights and just about every other type of temperature in between can wreak havoc on even the most carefully curated clothing collection. There is an art to packing for fall travel and thanks to this helpful guide, you’ll have it perfected, if not mastered, in no time. Bon voyage!

Light Jacket
Unless you’re traveling somewhere very, very cold, a lightweight jacket should be sufficient. Try to find one that packs easily (read: can be rolled up very small), is water repellant, and that can be stashed in your purse or backpack when not in use. Treated nylon and polyamide are great options as far as fabric composition goes.

Ah, the blazer. In one quick move, this simple garment transforms even the most mundane outfits into something fit to be seen. A blazer is a must-have, especially if you plan on visiting spots where jeans and a t-shirt are too casual or want to dine in finer establishments. Paired with a great fitting pair of dark jeans and a well-cut shirt, a blazer can make you look like a million bucks and add an extra layer of much-needed warmth.

Pack a large, lightweight scarf and you’ll never look back. These multipurpose sartorial wonders are the ideal accessory for fall travel, thanks to their ability to transform from a neck warmer, to a shawl, to a blanket, and back again. On the airplane, you can use your scarf as a cozy cover (or eye mask, should you be so inclined) and then at your destination, you’ll be blown away at how many times it comes in handy. Scarves can be wrapped, tied, knotted, and draped to make a tired old outfit look brand new.

Well made, high quality denim goes a long way. We’re not talking ill-fitting, faded jeans best relegated to the painting pile but proper pants that just so happen to be made out of denim. With the right top (this is where the blazer comes in), a pair of jeans can look like a million bucks. Perfect for when  you want to head out for a night on the town but don’t feel like packing your fancier duds. Spending a day sightseeing? Great jeans are comfortable and look as good on a tour bus or exploring a chateau as they do in a nice restaurant.

White Shirt
A classic white shirt (bonus if it’s wrinkle resistant) goes a long way as far as fall travel is concerned. On warmer days, roll the sleeves up for a casual, yet polished look. When things start to cool down, top with a jacket, blazer, or cardigan and you’ll be toasty warm and perfectly stylish, all at the same time. A white shirt looks great with jeans, chinos, skirts, shorts, and just about anything else you can think to pair it with. If you just so happen to find yourself on a warm beach (who knows, anything is possible), it even doubles as a very stylish coverup.

Cardigans ought to win an award for being one of the most versatile pieces of autumn apparel. They come in a ton of styles and fabrics, can be worn casually or formally, and tend to pack up nice and conveniently, making packing them a breeze. Wear your cardigan when out on chilly mornings, tie around your waist or shoulders during the warmer afternoons, and then break out again when the temperatures drop in the evening. Look for one made of natural fibers (think lightweight wool, bamboo, cotton, or cashmere) and aim for a color that coordinates with the lion’s share of your travel wardrobe.

Multipurpose Shoes
Loafers are the ideal footwear for fall. They can be worn with or without socks, tend to be incredibly comfortable, look a lot better than running shoes, and can be dressed up or down with little to no effort. Look for a pair of soft leather or suede driving moccasins that can be worn for hours on end without causing blisters. They feel like slippers but look like you’ve made an effort—what more could you ask for?


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