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I Give Thanks


Happy (USA) Thanksgiving everyone!  This month’s blog is all about thankfulness.  But before I can go there, I must go back.

On the first day of my shoot for Hidden Cities Extreme, the director took me to the side and said, “Simon, if there is any advice that I can give you it is this…don’t get jaded.”

I didn’t know what he meant, until last month when I went to Hawaii.  Now, Hawaii is supposed to be a magical place.  But I found myself getting bored because I felt that I had seen it all already.  Beaches.  Yup.  Crystal clear water.  Check.  World’s tallest dormant volcano watching the sunset over the ocean…been there done that.  Then I realized,  “Oh my gosh, what a travel snob I was!  I had become jaded!”


I took everything for granted.  The sights, the sounds, the sun.  But most importantly, I forgot what going away meant – spending time with family, being in a new place, catching up on old times and creating new adventures.

So it is now, after I am back in the “real world” that I cherish that week that I spent in hawaii with my family.  That is what travelling is about…the moment, the shared experiences and memories that you will take with you forever.  So be thankful out there and watch out for that jade!


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