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8 Creepy Halloween Destinations in Europe



Halloween invites supernatural seekers to explore haunted towns and discover the ghoulish ancient history of Europe. These historic and eerie Halloween destinations are perfect to scare the beetle-juice out of travelers who desire to discover Europe’s haunted history. Burial sites, haunted hotels and bloody castles are some of the many haunted sites to explore during the Halloween season.

London, England
Modern day Britain thankfully doesn’t compare to its bloody past, consisting of serial killing, dungeons and haunted streets. London’s hellacious history includes a wide variety of notable haunted spirits, cruel beheadings and over-the-top killers such as Jack the Ripper. Ghost towns, haunted tours, and backstreet attractions attract ghoulish travelers during the October months to explore London’s dark history.

Bran Castle, Romania
No other attraction sends chills down the spine like Vlad the Impaler’s castle. The book, Dracula, is based on the bloody evil Vlad who conducted real life, stomach-churning acts that raises hair and tingle spines. Modern day scholars believe Vlad killed more than 80,000 people; unfortunately, his gruesome killings made him notable for centuries post death.

Museum of Medieval Torture, Czech Republic
This tiny Prague museum showcases ancient torture devices used throughout Europe’s history, including witch trial devices. Bring Pepcid as these stomach-churning machines, cages and a screw-into-head and guillotine machine elicits one question; how on earth could humans do this to one another?

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France
Pere Lachaise Cemetery is the largest cemetery located in Paris city limits. A popular tourist attraction, travelers come to pay their respects to deceased celebs such as Jim Morrison. The cemetery opened in 1804 and welcomes more than one million visitors each year. The burial site is one of the most popular graveyards in the world.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Similar to London, plenty of death, a history of murder and unresolved mysteries linger throughout Scotland.  The Scottish celebration of the ancient festival of Samhain is a time of paranormal activity. Visitors find the creepy crawlers in vaults, castles and the Royal Mile. To experience a plague victim’s home, head to Mary King’s Close.

Catacombs, France
The Catacombs were once a burial ground for deceased Parisians until the adoption of Christianity and formal burial rituals. View thousands of real life bones and skulls precisely organized for the enjoyment and education of visitors.

Crucorney, Wales
In Crucorney, Wale’s oldest hotel, The Skirrid, is known to be haunted with spirits who linger throughout the halls and walls. These not-crossed-over spirits stayed on earth to seek revenge against the non-honorable judge, Judge Jeffreys, who sent 180 individuals to the gallows to be hung. The original hanging bar still exists covered in damaged markings from the rope atop the beam.

Fete de Sorcieres, France
Fete de Sorcieres, or Witch Festival, is held throughout France, with Chalindrey, France hosting the 2014 event. The 100-year old festival portrays 16th Century witchery where thousands of men and women were executed for being a witch. The festival features authentic costumes to showcase what life look liked for witches back in time.


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