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6 Must-Visit Haunted Hotels

Fancy yourself fearless? You might be singing a different tune after spending a night in one of these allegedly haunted hotels. From the ghost-infested Hotel Burchianti in Florence to Tokyo’s decidedly creepy Akasaka Weekly Mansion, read on for a guide to some of the world’s creepiest haunted hotels. Sleep tight… if you dare.

Akasaka Weekly Mansion, Tokyo, Japan
Reports of ghostly happenings in this extended stay hotel run the gamut from white mist pouring through venting systems to stories of being touched by ghostly hands while sleeping. Building 1 is said to be the most haunted of all, with consistent tales of paranormal occurrences being told by long-term tenants visiting travellers alike. Several suicides and unexplained deaths could be the reason behind these hauntings but no one is certain. Should you find yourself looking for a place to stay next time you’re in Tokyo, book a room in Akasaka… if you’re feeling brave enough.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta, Canada
The stories told about the Banff Springs Hotel range from charming to downright tragic but make no mistake, they’re all spooky in their own right. A commonly reported experience is that of bellhop Sam McCauley, an employee so devoted to his chosen career that it is said that he opted to stay on even after he had shuffle off this mortal coil. Some hotel guests recount being assisted by a kind, elderly bellhop only to have him vanish before they could tip him for his service. On the other end of the spectrum is the tale of the bride who died tragically just before she could marry her love. She is said to have remained on the premises where she continues to wander to this day.

Castle StuartInverness, Scotland
Rumour has it that in an effort to end stories of ghostly happenings, the Earl of Moray convinced the largest, bravest man in town to spend the night in the hotel to prove that the tales were a bunch of malarkey. The next morning, the volunteer ghostbuster was found outside, having apparently been tossed from a tower window, with a look of unparalleled fear on his lifeless face. If you fancy yourself the tough type, test your mettle by spending the night at Castle Stuart where eerie happenings continue to be reported regularly.

The LanghamLondon, United Kingdom
If there was ever a place to attract tragedy, this is it. Once a favorite of literary giants like Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this magnificent establishment become the site of unfathomable agony with events such as the murder of a woman by her physician husband and the German prince who completed a suicide by jumping from the (remarkably high) 4th floor. Should you feel so inclined, arrange to stay in room 333 which is reported to be the site of the most frequent hauntings. Feeling especially courageous? Plan your stay for the month of October, the only time an unidentified man clad in Victorian sleepwear is said to make an appearance.

Karosta Prison HotelKarosta, Latvia
This former military prison was favored by the Soviets and Nazis during the Second World War. Not much has been done to spruce up the place so expect an authentic experience should you choose to spend the night. Graffiti left by prisoners is spooky enough but what really takes this place to the next level are reports of the ghost of a woman who hanged herself when she found out her husband had been executed at the prison. Sweet dreams, indeed.

Hotel BurchiantiFlorence, Italy
All cobblestone streets and idyllic scenery, who could imagine that Florence would be home to such a spooky spot? Living guests report experiences in which a little girl can be seen frolicking in the hotel halls, an old man wanders surrounded by a pink aura, a committed housekeeper continues to do her daily tasks despite being dead, and the room once stayed in by Benito Mussolini features an inexplicable, icy presence. Despite it’s breathtaking beauty, the Burchianti is not a place for the faint of heart to spend the night.


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