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Top 7 Lighthouse Hotels



Once the guiding light for ships, lighthouses have reawakened as chic and homely hotels, all featuring an amazing waterfront view. Creative minds and innovative interior decorators have reincarnated the cold and bland lighthouses into a cozy and hospitable home for captain’s and their ship mates. These top lighthouse hotels are found throughout the world thanks to the lighthouse being an integral part of historic existence.

Corsewall Lighthouse, Scotland
This luxurious lighthouse offers iconic views off the North Rhinns of Galloway shoreline. Giantic crashing waves crash into the rocky shoreline, but not need to fear, these private suites and rooms keep guests warm and safe in their comfortable high thread count sheets. The lighthouse is located away from noise, with the exception of the roaring ocean, but offers the best views of 20 acres of one of the best shorelines in Scotland. Take a walk up the spiral staircase to revisit history with modern day luxury and class.

East Brothers Light Station B&B, California
Experience a Victorian style stay and dinner at this B&B perched atop an island in the strait of San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. With panoramic ocean views, the hotel is only a 30-minute commute from downtown San Francisco. For a city view, book the San Francisco room. Other rooms feature a water view. The décor is a blend of historic Victorian style furnishing and bed spreads to induce the 1800’s culture. The lighthouse has been active for 133 years.

Harlingen Lighthouse Hotel, Netherlands
For a quaint Dutch experience, this lighthouse hotel overlooks the harbor and surrounding Dutch homes. This 3-floor hotel are accessible via ladder and although narrow, feature spacious rooms with sweeping views.  The third floor “Lantern Room” offers a breakfast nook for guests to sip coffee while gazing at the calm and serene harbor waters. Furnishings are modern with vibrant reds and yellows painted throughout the interior.

The Lighthouse, New Zealand
When down under in Kiwi country, book a room 15-minutes outside of Wellington at the Lighthouse Hotel. The views overlook the Island Bay shoreline with its aqua-blue waters and fishing boats sailing nearby. The best part about this hotel is the location. This hotel is perfect for those who prefer to sleep in natural environments while located a walking distance away from the cafes, bars and urban culture.  In case the lighthouse is booked, stay one kilometer away at The Keep, where its wooden interior, Jacuzzi tub and rooftop lookout make guests feel at home in a narrow stone fixture.

Molja Lighthouse, Norway
This lighthouse has been active for 150 year guiding boats into the Alesund Harbor. The décor fuses historic and chic furnishings to explore the ultra-European experience. The lighthouse is located a short distance from the town, which is as European as it gets with mutli-colored Nordic homes, cafes, bakeries and restaurants. This lighthouse is well known for its architecture firm, Snohetta, which designed Oslo’s Opera House and National September Eleven Memorial in New York City.

Hecata-Head Lighthouse, Oregon
For a unique Northwest experience, with traditional Pacific coast views, stay at Hecata Head. The lighthouse continues to operate 205 feet above the shoreline. The guest cottage is adjacent to the lighthouse and contains six rooms all decorated Queen-Anne style, with some rooms including a clawfoot bathtub. Dine in exquisite décor while eating a sophisticated meal, only available to true Victorians.

Sand Hills Lighthouse Inn, Michigan
Open year-round, this lighthouse hotel features Victorian style décor and features fancy views of Lake Superior. The hotel is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and is the largest and last manned lighthouse built on the Great Lakes. The guesthouse opened in 1995 and detailed with oil canvas paintings and antiques and historic photographs. Amenities may include king bed canopy, balcony overlooking Lake Superior, whirlpool jet tub or in-room fireplace.



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