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Trip Tips for Spain from Ben Hicks

Don’t exchange all your money at once. When you do, keep some in a few different places, in case something gets stolen.

Even in airplane mode with cell service off but Wifi on your iPhone can be a digital map to guide you through the day. Use Google maps and locate yourself when you have Wifi the morning before exploring a town or place. Zoom around where you might go before you leave. Google remembers this and a blue dot will notify you where you are throughout the day.

Use a Front pack like the Pacsafe Camsafe V11 or any backpack reversed to store gear and easily access it while exploring. It’s convenient and also practical to keep thieves away from pick pocketing.

My favourite socks for long days exploring are from Smart Wool or any other wool hiking socks. Your feet don’t sweat and they can save you space in your bag by not having to change socks every day.

Always travel with a universal electrical outlet adapter!

Save your legs and take the bus! Most cities in Europe have a great bus and train system. Take advantage of 2 or 3 day passes on subways to save!

Always pack toilet paper in your backpack. Its more common in developing countries to run into this problem but even in Spain your run into bathrooms with no TP!


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