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World's Cheapest Hostels

Are you looking to save a buck? Or maybe a hundred? If so, get ready to rest your jetlagged body for pennies on the dollar. Luckily, your bed head won’t come from a cardboard box, but rather a cool, quaint and affordable hostel. When in Rome, be sure to save your cash at these dirt-cheap hostels.

Plus Prague Hostel, Prague, Czech Republic
Plus hostels are located in various places throughout Europe. Guests can sleep this stellar hostel but for $8 per night. The hostel contains a pool and sauna and breakfast buffet. For the price it’s a steal, but check out websites like hotels.com to keep the prices low and affordable.

Goodbye Lenin Hostel, Zakopane, Poland
For Europe, Poland is extremely affordable. However, let your dollar go even farther at this hostel where dorm beds are priced around $9-10 USD per night. Even the private rooms range from $15-20, all with a mountain or garden room. Rooms include breakfast buffet and quaint cabin-like atmosphere. Affordable, friendly and amazing – this hostel has many loyal travelers for those who regularly visit Zakopane.

Cosy Guest House, Jodhpur, India
Thanks to the dollar’s favorable exchange rate with the rupee, guests sleep for almost five dollars per night. Many guests comment that there are area hostels which are cheaper, but for the price, this facility better upholds western sleeping standards. The hostel is ran by a Brahmin family who keep the facilities very nice. Private master bedrooms are approximately $10 per night.

Hostal de la Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
At this colorful yet quaint hostel in La Boca, guests can sleep for around $7 US dollars per night. Although cheap, the hostel maintains a fancy, clean look equipped with a rooftop sunbathing deck and vibrant courtyard.

Hostel 639, London, England
Anyone who’s traveled to London knows how expensive and overpriced everything from coffee to hotels can be. Guests bunk for approximately 10 Euro per night in accommodations that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. A wildlife theme keeps things spicy in this safe and 24-hour monitored hostel.

Garden Village Guesthouse, Siem Reap, Cambodia
If looking for an outrageously cheap and different experience, stay at the Garden Village Guesthouse. For $1 USD guests can sleep in a dorm tiki-like hut flourished with an open-air breeze. If you desire more privacy guests can book a double or triple room anywhere from $6-$13 per night. Beyond sleeping for near free, the guesthouse offers free airport shuttles, volleyball courts, laundry service, bike rentals and Wi-Fi.

Petra Gate Hostel, Petra, Jordan
In Petra, the closer one gets to the historical site, the more expensive the hotel. Not this hostel, for eight Euro per night guests sleep in a triple bedroom. The hostel flourishes with Bedouin music parties and tea spiced with cardamom or mint. Guests are also treated to a reduced price access to the swimming pool and Turkish Bath.


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