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World's 7 Best Oktoberfests

‘Tis the season for pumpkin beer, hoppy ale, and lederhosen. Oktoberfests are here, and all over the world people are celebrating the wonderful gift of barley and hops. Das Oktoberfest have been in celebration since 1810, and those who cannot make it to the world-famous Munich celebration need not fear, as there are plenty of celebrations located all over the globe.

Munich, GermanyMunich is considered the primo Oktoberfest destination. The 17-day celebration welcomes approximately five million visitors to party Bavarian style, which is the largest party in the world. Oktoberfest will see around seven million liters of beer be consumed.

Hannover, GermanyHannover is the second largest festival to Much—some claim Hannover’s Oktoberfest is better than Munich’s as it is less mainstream and easier to get a sausage and beer. This festival homes over one million beer drinkers and features plenty of entertainment, fireworks, and music to keep the beer goggles happy.

Blumenau, BrazilThe sunny Brazilian culture will find any excuse to drink, and this time it’s not Pina Coladas and Mai Tai’s. Blumenau has a strong European soul as it was founded on September 2, 1850 by German pharmacist, Hermann Bruno Otto von Blumenau. Iced beer served in chopps (mugs) and dancing make this Brazilian event the largest Oktoberfest in the Americas. The festival crew estimates 652,000 liters of beer are served.

Brisbane, AustraliaSunny Queenslanders love any excuse to party and consume beer and sausage. Aussies and visitors gather to Brisbane for the largest Oktoberfest in Australia. The authentic atmosphere has beer drinkers questioning whether they’re in Brisbane or Bavaria.

Cincinnati, OhioDuring late September and early October, Cincinnati has one of the largest celebrations in the Midwest. With nearly a half-million visitors, the festival serves 80,500 bratwursts, 56,250 sausages, and 16,000 strudels. Thousands of gallons of beer flow like the Ohio River at this event.

Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, CanadaHome to the largest Oktoberfest in Canada, Canadiens have gathered to celebrate this annual event since 1969. From gala balls to 5k runs, this family-friendly event offers more than eating and drinking. Most locals gather for the parade and to see the “Oktoberfest Idol” sing and dance their way to Bavarian stardom.

Tokyo, JapanInterestingly enough, the serene and peaceful Asian culture cuts loose with one of the best Oktoberfests in Asia. Not only is the beer imported, but much of their entertainment is also imported. This Oktoberfest is not open as late as the Bavarian culture desires, but is still a grand festival for the Asian culture.


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