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6 Tips for Keeping a Personal Travel Blog

fotopitu / iStock / thinkstock.com

fotopitu / iStock / thinkstock.com

If you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, maybe the idea of a travel blog has popped into your mind—especially if you’ve come across a few in your own research.

A travel blog can be a great idea: it’s like sending a post card to everyone you know all at once, while also maintaining a travel journal of sorts.

Whether you’re blogging your travels to keep friends and family in the loop, to inspire others who plan on visiting that neck of the woods, or to simply record your own memories, here are some tips for creating a top notch blog.

Start Before You Go
Get the technical stuff out of the way before you head off on your adventures. Get your blog set up and write a few pre-trip posts recording the planning, the excitement, the hopes, and the jitters that come before any big trip.

Refine Your Photography
Great photography goes a long way, especially online. Aim to have at least one photo to go alongside each blog post. Get to know your camera (and yes, a camera is usually preferable to your phone—though your phone can work if that’s all you’ve got) and focus on quality over quantity.

Great photos are, as you know, worth a thousand words—but photo overload bores your readers. Curate your photos and post only the best ones.

Go Beyond “Dear Diary”
If you’re keeping a public blog versus a private diary, that means you probably intend for other people to read it. On that note, keep your content interesting. Instead of outlining your daily schedule (“… and then we took the bus, and then we stopped for lunch, and then we got to the hotel…”), focus on the stories that pop up.

Inspiration for stories can come from everywhere: tips on surviving that 12-hour bus ride; the story of the best pie you’ve ever had at a random stop along the side of the road; the moment you realized Brad Pitt was staying in the same hotel as you, etc.

Post Frequently…
Many people start off a trip with great intentions to blog, but quickly lose steam and give up after the initial “I have arrived!” post. When you’re not in the mood to blog, consider what made you set the blog up in the first place and try to seek motivation from that.

Readers like it when you post frequently, so try to make it part of your routine—a quick post before bed or a longer post before breakfast once every few days, for instance.

… But Don’t Become Consumed
Unless you’re being paid to write, always prioritize travel over blogging.  If impromptu dinner plans interfere with your scheduled writing time, don’t feel guilty about skipping out on your blog. You can always write a double post later.

Mind Your Audience
Consider the fact that anyone can find your blog online. Even if you think that no one is reading it, chances are that someone will find it somewhere down the road.

This matters for a few very different reasons. On the English teacher side, use proper spelling and grammar to keep your readers around. On the safety side, be careful about how much information you’re posting publicly.  Some things are better left for personal e-mails and travel journals!


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