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Dangerous Outdoor Trips that will Empty Your Wallet

Photodisc / thinkstock.com

Photodisc / thinkstock.com

Are you looking to blow your money on something risky? Instead of purchasing the stable life insurance policy, adventure enthusiasts start stacking up the Benjamin’s in hopes for an adrenaline rush. Whether its diving with sharks, or bungee jumping over volcanoes, these risk-taking trips cost a pretty penny.  But for these folks, the only risk is financial burden.

Scuba Diving with Bull Sharks in Fiji
Shark vacations are thrill seeking, wet your wet-suit-type of adventures. Bull sharks are some of the ocean’s most fierce predators and for $2,800 (airfare included from LAX), divers spend a week floundering the sea with these beasts. Price also includes hotel and food, so the rest of your savings can go towards the hospital visit from a heart, or shark, attack.

Kayak with Whales – Orcas Island, Washington
Glide alongside with one of the most spectacular whales found in the Northwest. Kayakers may catch a glimpse at one of the residential or transient orca pods found throughout the Washington Islands. Kayaking starts around $300. Day trips are available, but most companies offer two to seven day trips.

Volcano Helicopter Tours
From Hawaii to Chile, volcanoes are best seen with a bird’s eye view. Catch a glimpse of hot lava, magma and steam rising out of the volcano, sometimes feet above the crater. Unfortunately, helicopter rides do not obtain the most bang for your buck.  Some rides cost up to $500 for anywhere between a 7 to 30-minute ride. Enjoy the view, the flight ends faster than a blink of an eye.

Summiting a Mountain
Unless your technical skills are up to par, most summiteers join a guided trip up the mountain. Depending on the mountain, some trips last two to three days and costing up to $3,500. Expect to the pay the big bucks when conquering Mt. Everest. Packages range up to $85,000, which is more money than most of us can imagine burning on one vacation. Although risky, thanks to global warming opening unexpected crevices, the views atop are priceless.

Free Diving Certification
Free diving is one of the most dangerous outdoor activities. Big lungs and stable minds plunge deep into the ocean and back on one single breath. Freediving courses are held in popular aquatic regions such as Hawaii, Bahamas and Seattle. Courses start at $395 and increase in price when factoring in travel expenses.

Antarctic Cruises
The cruise industry is now making way toward the poles. Visitors explore pristine landscapes and enjoy nature living its life. Depending on the ship’s size and passenger quantity, cruisers can expect to pay up to $24,000 for cruises lasting between 12 to 24 days.


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