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Simon Yin's Reasons to Travel to Japan

People always ask me what my favorite destination is…and that is always a hard one for me to answer. Each country has so much to offer in so many different ways, but one of the most unique for me is always Japan. There’s always so much to explore in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kyoto…and that sense of never-ending exploration is what makes me always want to go back. Here are my Top 5 reasons to love Japan.

Reason #1: Ninjas
Training with ninjas was one of the coolest things that I did. Only 2 short hours away from Tokyo, I found myself surrounded by gigantic bamboo trees, a calm silent breeze, and masked warrior assassins. It was there that I was sworn to secrecy on the ancient ways of the ninja. But at great danger to my safety, I will tell you a secret straight from the ninjas:  if you feel like ninja then you ARE ninja. Did that blow your mind or what? Of course, there were stealth attacks, shirukens, and other tests of mind, body, and soul, but my greatest take away from my training is that just like in life, the beauty of ninja is all about a state of mine…nothing more nothing less.

Reason #2: Weird and Wacky Stuff
You can always find something new when you go to Japan, like insect sushi, one of the busiest intersections in the world, or even a horse shooting camera…yes; it is THAT kind of country!







Reason #3: Ladies Reign Supreme
The hottest clubs in Japan right now are the male host bars. Some of Japan’s most metro men take care of women all night long: pouring drinks, playing games, singing them songs. All in the pursuit of showing a woman how amazing she is. I mean, I do that on the daily, but in Japan, they take it to a whole new level. The #1 male host in Tokyo was pulling in close to $200,000 USD a night. Yes, a NIGHT.

Reason #4: Poop-tastic
I am not afraid to admit that I judge a country by the toilets in the airport and Japan rates pretty high up there. Clean, comfy, and heated toilet seats in every stall. Very Nice and very poop friendly.

Reason #5: BFFs
The true test of a country’s friendliness factor is with their cab drivers. Any of you guys that have spent time in Hong Kong or New York might know what I’m talking about. But in Japan, no horns are honked, no one’s getting cussed out…telling you to go do this or that with your mother…it’s just all smiles and rainbows, and I like that.

Moral of this story: go check out Japan! See you next time!

Love, Simon


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