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National Park Road Trips

Ready for a road trip? How about instead of getting caught in traffic and parking tickets in the nation’s biggest cities, check out some of the nation’s best national parks? With over 50 to choose from, each with their own unique set of scenery and things to do, the options are endless. But thankfully, resources are available, and here for you today are 5 National Parks road trip options to get you on your way.

Mount Rainier National Park > Crater Lake National Park > Redwood National Park (535 Miles)Visit the West Coast in style as you travel from one amazing National Park to another. Taking you from the iconic Cascade Mountains in Washington, down through the coastal waters and cliff sides of Oregon, all ending in the majestic Redwood Forest of northern California, this trip could sufficiently convince you to pack up your belongings and live out west for the rest of your life. With plenty to check out on the way, including Seattle, Portland, and Bend, this trip could be a long-week or month long adventure.

Yosemite National Park > Grand Canyon National Park > Carlsbad Caverns National Park (1,308 Miles)From granite towers to gigantic holes, all ending in caverns to explore; this road trip is what memories are made out of. See some of the most stunning scenery, above and below ground, as you travel from California to Arizona and end in New Mexico. And the best news yet? With about a million pit-stops including extra National Parks along the way, this route will tempt you to quit your day job.

Mammoth Cave National  Park > Great Smoky Mountains National Park >Shenandoah National Park (575 Miles)For all those avid adventurers on the East Coast, this route if for you. Experience the best that the National Parks has to offer on the east side of the country by traveling into Mammoth Caves, up Smoky Mountains, and through Shenandoah forests. Prepare to walk through huge cave systems, luscious mountain sides, and quite possible some of the prettiest scenery the country has to offer. And for some optional driving options, check out the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Badlands National Park > Yellowstone National ParkGlacier National Park (957 Miles)Watch as the country changes from arid landscapes to snowy mountain tops as you travel from Badlands NP in South Dakota to Glacier NP in Montana. On your way, check out some of the geysers and lush forest of Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is big enough to explore for months at a time, with portions of the park in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, but be sure to leave room in the rest of your journey to see what this underpopulated part of our country has to offer.

Arches National Park > Capitol Reef National Park > Zion National Park (322 Miles)A few states including California, Arizona, Colorado, and Washington can offer you their very own National Parks Road trips without every crossing state lines. But one state strives to offer you a look at such a crazy and variety of amazing landscapes, that is deserves to be mentioned. Arches, Capitol Reef, and Zion, all located within the state of Utah, can give you the experience of standing on another planet and amidst heaven on earth. The drive alone will have your jaw dropping, but the true excitement comes when you step out of your car.

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