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The Top 10 Things to Do in and Around, Costa Rica

urf / iStock / thinkstock.com

urf / iStock / thinkstock.com

Jaco is a town packed with social, adrenaline-filled, and nature-based activities. A walk down main street will lend you to countless tourist operators selling a variety of excursions. Let me help you whittle down your options by sharing the top ten things to do in and around Jaco.

Extreme Adventurer
This tour is operated from Jaco or Manuel Antonio. You are whisked away from your hotel/house to four incredible waterfalls. Each waterfall is better than the previous, leaving the best for last. While this tour is picture-perfect, it is also packed with thrilling cliff dives! It isn’t called the Extreme for nothing!

Monkey Mangrove Tour
If playing patty-cake with white-faced monkeys is your cup of tea, this is the tour for you! Hand-feed monkeys while crusing idyllically through the mangroves in Damas, Costa Rica!

Crocodile Tour
These tour operators risk all, leaving the boat to hand-feed giant crocodiles! The sound of the jaws slamming shut will stay with you until time’s end. While cruising through the crocodile-infested waters you are sure to see a gorgeous display of water-fowl and birds of prey.

Explorer Waterfall Tour
A jungle trek that will make anyone’s day! Enjoy a leisurely hike alongside a tranquil river, then climb into the refreshing water and hike upstream, climbing up ten waterfalls and enjoying nature’s shower.

Kayak Jaco
Departing from a nearby flat-water beach, Kayak Jaco will guide you to a cove after an easy twenty minute paddle, where you can snorkel or hike to a nearby waterfall. If you’re a night owl, take their sunset/night tour and paddle an outrigger to the same cove where wine, smoores, ceviche, and cheese and crackers await.

hemeroskopion / iStock / thinkstock.com

hemeroskopion / iStock / thinkstock.com

Isla Tortuga
Depart from nearby Herradura beach for a day of fun in the sun. My favorite way to enjoy this tour is on a catamaran! After cruising about two hours past manta rays and dolphins with a rum and punch in hand you will arrive at gorgeous Tortuga Island. Here you can bask in the sun, rent jet skis, ride the banana boat, or snorkel.

Miro Mountain
Hike the mountain on the south end of Jaco. The entrance is across the street from the gas station. Here you have a chance to observe bright blue morpho butterflies, poison dart frogs, and white-faced monkeys! Your hard work is rewarded with breath-taking views of the beach as you climb.

Speed boat to Montezuma
Take the rocking ride to Montezuma where you can party bohemian-style or hike to a phenomenal waterfall, home to white-faced monkeys and crazy cliff diving locals! This trip is better as an overnighter because the boat leaves Jaco at 9am arriving in Montezuma between 11 and 12pm. The latest return boat leaves Montezume at 3pm.

Climb up high in the trees with ascenders and sleep with the Macaws in the Macaw sanctuary.

Waterfall Rappelling
Harness up and get ready for a wet and wild experience! The guides teach you how to rappel so no experience is necessary. The tour has four large waterfalls to rappel down, and three zip lines to dry you off!


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