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Most Extreme Ziplines in the World

Are you ready to plunge and soar into a whole new adventure? Ziplines have evolved to become one of the most sought after outdoor adventures. If looking for the best, longest, and wildest ziplines, look no further than these most extreme zipline adventures.

Ziprider Cable. Alaska
This six-person zipline plunges the group to a 1,300-foot vertical drop. All people, side-by-side, fly through the open woods and soar over the Icy Strait and Port Frederic. The cable is located near a cruise ship and a perfect adventure for the stopover.

Arenal Volcano Park, Costa Rica
Zip on through two-miles of tropical rain forests, the volcano, and Arenal Lake. If you’re calm while entering this fight or flight activity, zippers may experience wildlife such as birds, monkeys, or the occasional sloth, hanging, or swinging, on the trees.

Utah Olympic Park, Utah
To ride the steepest zipline in North America, experience the Xtreme zipline, which plunges over the K-120 ski jump. Zipliners experience 1,500-foot zipline with a 500-foot drop topping out at 60 miles per hour. Ziplines are open during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Sun City, South Africa
With speeds up to 100 miles per hour, the two-kilometer zipline rushes 6,500 feet above the jungle atmosphere. Riders carry a fin between the legs to ensure speed with the chance to endure a true “flying” experience.

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, Puerto Rico
Adventure junkies fly like an eagle, seated or vertical, with runs up to over 2,500 feet in length. For a superman ride, book the beast to soar for up to a mile at 4,745 feet, hitting high speeds to soar for a quick two-minute ride.

Labadee, Haiti
This zipline is the perfect opportunity to hang dry while soaring 2,600 feet above nothing but water. Catch a bird’s eye view of the jungle, and keep eyes peeled for a Jurassic Park type of atmosphere, as zippers fly on the Dragon’s Breath line. It holds claims to being the largest zipline located above open water.


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