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It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy: The Best Tourist Traps Feature the Biggest Something or Other

We always want to see the biggest and the best. It may be as mundane as the world’s biggest office chair or the world’s biggest hammer, but if it’s the biggest, we want to see it. Here are just a few of the hundreds of stops in the U.S. you can make on your, “World’s Biggest” journey.

The World’s Largest Hammer
Located in Eureka, California this hammer is a replica of a Vaughan claw hammer and no, it was not one of the famous hammers the Pentagon allegedly paid $900 for. The hammer stands 30 feet tall when you include the 4 foot concrete foundation and its head measures 10 feet 3 inches in length. It serves as the store sign and symbol for Pierson Building Center, a local home-improvement store.

The World’s Largest Office Chair
I know everyone tries to one-up the guy in the next cubicle but this is ridiculous. Located in Anniston, Alabama, this behemoth stands 33 feet tall with a 15-foot-square seat. It is built out of ten tons of steel and anchored in 15 tons of cement. Other large chairs have been built, be they rocking or other types and a battle rages on which is larger. The Guinness Book of World Records folks officially christened this behemoth as the world’s largest chair back in 1982, so there you go.

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine
Little did I know this was such a contentious title. Caulker, Kansas claims the title for their continuing efforts towards twine immortality. Visitors and residents alike keep adding twine to this shrine to cheesy tourist traps. By 2006 their ball had grown to over 17,885 pounds with a forty foot circumference. Darwin, Minnesota lays claim to the largest ball of twine rolled by one man. Francis A. Johnson, for some unexplained reason started rolling his twine in 1950 and finished in 1979 with a 9 ton, 12 foot wide monster that has not been added to since.

The World’s Largest Baseball Bat
Located at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory in Louisville, Kentucky, this is a six story tall bat that appears to be leaning against the museum. It is actually free standing and weights 68,000 lbs. The bat is really hollow and made of steel so technically it’s not a real bat but that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out.

The World’s Largest Work Boot
Located at the Red Wing Shoes flagship store in downtown Red Wing, Minnesota this boot is a size 638 ½ D (US). It is 20 ft. long, 7 ft. wide and 16 ft. high. It weighs 2,300 lbs., took 13 months to complete and I have no idea how you go bout tying those shoelaces. “Too big for the Statue of Liberty to wear,” is the motto, because all big boots should have a motto.

The World’s Largest Drug Store
Drive anywhere in or near South Dakota and you’ll see Wall Drug billboards lining the roads and Wall Drug bumper stickers on just about every other car. Stop in and see what it’s all about in Wall, SD. The New York Times has described it as, “a sprawling tourist attraction of international renown that takes in more than $10 million a year and draws some two million annual visitors to a remote town.” Purchased in 1931 by Ted Hustead, it has grown into a cowboy themed shopping mall/department store that is advertised on an approximate 650 mile stretch along interstate 90 from Minnesota to Billings Montana. They are said to spend an estimated $400,000 a year just on billboards, so head that way and you can’t miss it.

The World’s Largest Clothespin
Located across from the Philadelphia City Hall in Philly, PA is this monument to hanging up your laundry. Commissioned in 1974 by the city and erected in 1976 this 45 ft. tall rusting steel piece of art resembles a traditional spring-clip pin that younger folks probably don’t even understand. Missing is a 1000ft clothesline that would explain it all to them.


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