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6 Best Restaurants for Solo Dining

Traveling on your own can be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. One of the biggest perks? Spoiling yourself with some seriously amazing meals that you’ll never have to share. Next time you set out to enjoy dinner for one, be sure to consult our list of some of the best restaurants conducive to solo dining.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (London, England)
Thanks to the bar-style table surrounding the kitchen, diners can tuck into their plates of steak tartare and stuffed pig trotters all while taking in the theatrics that can only be observed in a pro cooking hub. Spend the evening being inspired by the skilled chefs or make friends with the person next to you. Either way, you’ll leave contented with a full, happy belly.

Josephine Chez Dumonet (Paris, France)
This lovely little bistro is so quintessentially French, making it the perfect place to go after a long day exploring the city for a little dinner tout seule. Because of its popularity, it is recommended to make reservations ahead of time and when you do, specify that you’d like to be seated at the banquette tables in the front. The menu cleverly features half-portions which are perfect for diners who won’t be sharing and don’t plan on exceeding their elegant sufficiency.

The Commodore (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Think of it as your childhood best friend’s kitchen. The one that felt as familiar as your own and where you weren’t worried about using the wrong fork or having to choke down unappetizing dishes. The Commodore is a laid-back spot that offers delicious, unpretentious food and a vibe that is most welcoming to diners rolling solo. Try the chicken with biscuits for a serious dose of comfort food.

EENMAAL (Amsterdam & other)
This pop up concept restaurant is the first of its kind, devoted entirely to serving single diners. The place is set up with tables for one in a minimalist setting, meant to celebrate the action of taking time to truly be with oneself. The menu boasts lush, four-course meals resplendent with local, organic ingredients that you’ll be happy you don’t have to share. The next pop up is slated to open in Antwerp in November so be sure to mark your calendar now.

Oddseoul (Toronto, Canada)
Because of its unassuming exterior and lack of obvious signage, it’s easy to walk by Oddseoul without even knowing that it’s there. Once you find it, though, you’ll be happy you did, thanks to its extensive menu full of amazing snack bar type fare that will keep you coming back for more. Opt to sit at the bar where you can be close to the action and be sure to try one of the cocktails that pairs oh-so well with the spicy, hearty dishes. As a bonus, the kitchen is open until last call meaning that even late night hunger pangs can be easily satiated.

Lucques (Los Angeles, California)
This is the kind of restaurant where people actually choose to sit at the bar, rather than be relegated there when the tables are full. Diners are presented with the full menu or a modified or menu and best of all, they are in the enviable position of being close to the bartenders in charge of creating Lucques’ incredible cocktails.


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