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Best Bike Tours & Routes in Europe

Just hearing the name “Copenhagen” and “Amsterdam,” pedals the brain to imagine Europeans riding around town in business attire and carrying Pierre in the handlebar baskets. Most of Europe is beyond bike friendly, offering bike parking garages and endless paths and trails. If looking to pedal with a group, or fly solo, these are the best bike routes and tours in Europe.

Apulia & Basilicata Castles & Wine Tour, Italy
This self-guided route integrates the “calories in versus calories out” notion. Pedals, vino, castles and cuisine showcase the best of Italian lifestyle. The route departs on Alta Murgia Plateau pedaling through Trani, Venosa and Melfi. Explore Roman cities, cathedral and castles before stopping at the Vulture Vineyards. The final stretch explores Matera and Sassi. Expect to pedal 28 miles per day averaging a seven-day trip.

Berlin to Copenhagen
Copenhagen exceeds biker expectations and so does 400 miles of pedaling. This self-guided tour includes 400 miles traversing to two primo European capitals while exploring shorelines, islands and plenty of scenic waterscapes. Pass through Denmark’s fertile countryside and white sand beach coastlines. The route includes a two-hour boat ride on the Baltic Sea. Expect to pedal 34 miles per day, averaging an 11-mile day.

Urban Cycling in Hanover, Germany
Hanover is one of Germany’s most prominent cities for cycling and is one of Germany’s greenest cities, thanks to the large quantity of available urban green spaces. Hanover contains miles upon miles of trails leading through the city, and its most popular landmarks, including Maschsee Lake, city center and the New Town Hall. The streets in Germany have dedication bike lanes that are separated from the road from a curb and adjacent next to a pedestrian sidewalk.

Bike Around the Country, Iceland
Iceland is for adventurous spirits who dream of the Walter Mitty lifestyle. Hardcore bikes strap their packs and head around the country to pedal approximately 850 miles around the perimeter. Bikers must carry adequate equipment, such as camping gear, clothes and food. The ideal months are during the peak of the summer thanks to 20-hour solstice days and the weather conditions are not harsh like the winter. Bring a map as online maps are challenging to find.

Castle Road, Germany to Czech Republic
The Castle Road is a popular destination for those who enjoy medieval sites, and of course castles. The route starts in Mannheim and runs to Prague. The 1,200-kilometer trail contains 70 castles, palaces and stately homes. The route is a designated cycling trail and offers family friendly destinations along the way.

Cultural Gems of Holland
No bike experience is complete without experiencing Amsterdam and all that Holland has to offer. Cycle through Amsterdam, Gouda, Haarlem, Leiden and Delft in search of the quintessential Dutch experience. The seven-day trip offers a combination of urban and nature scenery. Pedal through urban streets to discover historic museums as well as tulip-trailed meadows situated under a windmill.


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