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World's Most Unique Art Exhibits in 2014

No city street is complete without a decorative art piece, and museums cannot function without traveling exhibits. Every year thousands of paintings, sculptures, photographs and statues traverse the globe in search of their perfect street corner or museum wing. While some are historical, others are quirky, exuding life’s most creative ideas and endeavors. Whether you are traveling to Hong Kong or Cleveland, keep eyes open to some of the most unique art exhibits this 2014.

Panda Sculptures – Hong Kong Airport
Recently, 1,600 pandas showed up at Hong Kong International Airport as part of a World Wildlife Fund awareness exhibit. The pandas are created from recycled paper mache. The idea sparked from a French artist who started the endeavor in 2008. The number 1,600 represents the number pandas left in the wild in 2008. The pandas will be seen at 10 different locations around Hong Kong and eventually sold between $200-450 Hong Kong Dollars. Proceeds benefit the WWF proceeds.

Yoga: The Art of Transformation – Cleveland Art Museum
The Cleveland Art Museum will host yogi art this summer 2014. Yoga, the historical, now popular western exercise, finds 16 million Americans practicing this ancient exercise. From depicting the chakras to viewing ancient scrolls, the exhibit hosts the best art from ancient India and Pakistani regions.

Pompeii – California Science Center
In the year 79 AD, Pompei vanished beneath thick layers of ash. But with destruction comes creation and nature’s preservation. The exhibition features over 150 artifacts on loan from Italy and showcases the best of sculptures, statues and handicrafts from this ancient Roman city. Many of the artifacts were rediscovered 250 years after the disaster.

Charles James Beyond Fashion – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the rooms showcase the best of Anglo-American courtier, Charles James. Designer of breathtaking ball gowns, the exhibit demonstrates his skill using mathematics, scientific and sculptural approaches toward his creations. Showcased are his drawings, pattern pieces, dress forms, scrap books and accessories.  This is a must for fashion lovers.

Making Colour – The National Gallery, London, England
Making Colour is the first exhibition of its kind to be held in London. This artistic and scientific discovery showcases the creation of color from modern day to ancient use. Rooms are filtered toward their dedicated colour such as purple, orange and even gold. Discover how the eye and brain perceives and responds to colour in various ways.

When the Greeks Ruled Egypt – Art Institute Chicago
Take a walk to 332 BC when Alexander the Great seized Egypt in hopes to conquer the Persian Empire. The exhibit holds over 75 pieces of art including masks, sculptures, luxury glass, precious metals and portraits in stone. Admire the symbolism and detailed artistry in the hand creations of ancient Egypt.


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