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6 Best Castles In Germany

Germanic delights often lead to thinking about beer, pretzels, and lederhosen. Before modern day German techno clubs and graffiti walls, the Middle Ages once existed with castles that stand out amidst fertile lands. These once safe houses are now a popular tourist attraction in Deutschland. These top Germanic castles stand tall and waiting for you, your imagination and your dragon slaying traveling friends to reminisce on human history.

Neuschwanstein CastleLocated near the town Fussen, this one of Germany’s most visited castles. The Bavarian backdrop stimulates ancient-looking photographs. Construction originated in 1869 and completed at Ludwig’s death in 1886. The inner courtyard marvels manicured gardens and the castle contains an artificial cave. The Byzantine-inspired design showcases painted walls designed with angels. The design and construct served as inspiration for Disney’s Castle. Approximate 1.3 million people visit this castle each year.

Heidelberg CastleLocated in Heidelberg, this castle is a popular landmark within the city limits. Today, all that is left are the ruins, which depict the castle’s intense history and even made famous from notable authors such as Mark Twain who described the ruins in his 1880 travel book, “A Tramp Abroad.” This 1500’s Gothic-Renaissance masterpiece was struck by lightning in 1537 and later burnt down by the French in 1689. But fortunately destruction and creation are united as one entity; thus, leading to modern day tourism.

The Castle RoadIf seeing one castle is not an option, how about 70 castles? Get ready to saddle up your horse and gallop 625 miles through southwest Germany on the way to the Czech Republic. Meander through backstreets and wine countries to pass Medieval Castles, architecture and sculptures. The route starts from Kulbach to Mannheim, and leads to Prague if continuing past Mannheim.

Sans-Souci PalaceOnce the summer home to Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, is now a modern day marvel. Located in Potsdam near Berlin, the castle was constructed during 1745-1747. The 300 acres of land consists of gardens, fountains, pavilions and statues—everything for a tired King to relax and restore his mind and body.

The Eltz CastleLocated atop a hill covered with bushy trees, catch a bird’s eye view of the Moselle River and surrounding region. Located between Koblenz and Trier, this 12th Century castle housed the same family for 33 generations. Inside, showcases original art and armor, some dating back to the 16th Century.

Hohenzollern CastleLocated in South Germany, this castle sits solo atop the 885-meter high Mount Hohenzollern. This castle homed the family that ruled Prussia during the Middle Ages. Today, it also homes numerous art exhibitions, concerts, cultural events and a Christmas Market.


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