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Most Impressive Landmarks to Visit on Google Street View

Most travelers dream of exploring the road unknown and visiting the world’s most impressive, and ancient, landmarks. But reality says unless you backpack the world, or dedicate your finances to travel, travelers may not visit every bucket-list landmark. Thanks to technology and the extraordinary Google Street View, travelers can now visit these landmarks from the comfort of the computer screen. If you’re bored at work, and need a pep into your Walter Mitty step, daydream away with these most impressive landmarks.

Taj Mahal, IndiaLocated in Agra, the Taj is the most impressive landmark in India. This mosque sits insides four gates and a 980-foot manicured lawn and garden. The Taj is best visited at sunrise or sunset. Not only do the colorful skies add to the photograph, but the marble is not scorching hot, thus radiating heat from foot to head.

Angkor Wat, CambodiaKnown as one of the most impressive ancient archaeological site in Southeast Asia, these 9th to 15th Century towers stand tall in today’s modern world. This archaeological park consists of the remains from the Khmer Empire and includes two famous temples: Bayon and Temple of Angkor Wat. In its divine essence, Angkor Wat replicates an earthly re-creation of the universe.

Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque, UAELocated in the United Arab Emirates, is this mosque which is as, if not more, impressive than the Taj Mahal. The architecture is inspired by Mughal and Moorish mosque architecture and is one of the world’s largest mosques. It homes 40,000 worshipers and is best viewed during sunset hours.

Christ the Redeemer, BrazilThis 98-foot tall statue of Jesus, over towers the city of Rio. Known as one of the largest art deco pieces in the world, visitors from all around the world visit in search of an amazing photograph or spiritual restoration. The statue is highly impressive at night, especially when the stars glitter behind.

Brazil’s World Cup Stadiums, BrazilIf television is the closet you’ll get to the World Cup, Google Street View brings a closer, turf-side view of the stadiums. Some stadiums sit up to 70,000 hard-core fans rumbling their vocal cords and feet in these Sao Paulo corridors. Soccer fans can visit all the stadiums used for the World Cup.

Tianhou Palace, ChinaThis famous Taoist temple was built for the Queen of Heaven, Goddess Tainhou. Constructed in 1326 during the Yuan Dynasty, the temple lies in the heart of ancient Culture Street in the Nankai District. The temple faces east toward the Haihu River. Although minor touch-ups have occurred throughout the years, the original structure stands tall to flaunt ancient Chinese architecture.



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