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Europe's Best Hot Springs

Nothing is better than being in Europe, taking a steaming hot bath in nature, while sipping a post-soak latte. Hot springs are Mother Nature’s method to infuse relaxation into tired bodies. Whether it’s a spa sanctuary or a hole in the ground, these hot springs are a popular destination amidst Euros and international travelers who seek grounding and balance. From Iceland to Italy, these are the best hot springs in Europe.

Blue Lagoon | Iceland
The mother of all hot springs, the Blue Lagoon is a popular destination for Icelandic travelers. Stay warm in the aqua-blue hot spring while rubbing volcanic, geothermal mud over the face and body. Visitors who have achy knees can schedule a lagoon massage to rub out the aches and pains thanks to the therapist’s strong hands, silica and algae-components in the water to rejuvenate the skin and joints.

flytying / iStock / thinkstock.com

flytying / iStock / thinkstock.com

Therme Erding | Munich, Germany
This hot spring spa is a solarium of treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms and hot springs. Relax on a lounge chair or take a dip in the spring with silence in the adult-only section of the spa. A family-friendly area welcomes parents and children to enjoy the pool. Guests can find a variety of worldwide delights from a Finnish sauna to a hot tropical rain shower. The surrounding architecture stimulates the aura and aesthetics to have a pleasing, yet modern, experience.

Terme dei Papi | Viterbo, Italy
Terme de Papi, or “Bath of Popes,” welcomes guests who seek the royal treatment. The hot springs were originally discovered and used by 13th Century Gregory IX, 15h Century Boniface IX and Nicholas V. Modern day Romans float around the steamy hot springs situated amidst manicured gardens. The 21,000 foot limestone spring balances between hot and shallow and deep and cool regions thanks to thermal flows entering the shallow end.

Santorini, Greece
Hot springs, or Palia Kamenia, is a hot-watered spot located on the Santorini Caldera. The water is approximately 33-degrees Celsius and contains sulfur, natures’ skin-softener. The copper-colored rocks fused with the dark-green water to infuse hues of color while guests rub sulfurous mud on the skin. The water pours into the ocean so guests must rent a boat and swim to the warm water and mud location.

Yoeml / iStock / thinkstock.com

Yoeml / iStock / thinkstock.com

Therme Vals | Switzerland
Located 200 kilometers from Zurich is this award-winning chic spa waiting for tired eyes and anxious bodies. Guests who stay at the Therme Val’s hotel have the opportunity to night bath in the hot springs. Visitors bath in indoor and outdoor calcium sulfate and hydrogen carbonate baths ranging from 32 to 36 degrees Celsius. Ice pools, flower pools, sound baths, sweat stones and steam rooms are other available amenities.

Terme dei Saturnia | Tuscany, Italy
Situated along Italy’s countryside is the majestic springs, which includes cascading waterfalls that trickle into the waters. This hillside spring blasts steam into the air, which can be seen up to a mile away from its source. Visitors explore a variety of spa treatments from mudpacks to inhalation therapy.

Bad Gastein | Austria
Located near Salzburg, this “bad” or bath, is a remodeled family-friendly destination. Guests are treated with indoor and outdoor bath options with temperatures ranging from hot, medium to cool. This is a popular destination for skiers who soak after a long day on the slopes. The best news, besides the waterfall, which cascades over the Alpine boulders, is that the facilities are open until 10pm.


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