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Make Plans to Pitch a Tent This Summer

We’ll be the first to admit that, when traveling, it can be nice to receive the red carpet treatment at a five star hotel.


But every so often, it’s necessarily to leave the comforts of a hotel and experience nature, up close and in person.


After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a night underneath a clear, starry sky?


But first, you’ll need to set up shop. Swap out that hotel room key card for a tent.


If you hear anything rustling in the bushes while you’re setting up, don’t worry. It’s probably nothing.


As night starts to fall, you’ll want to set up a campfire. It’s the perfect centerpiece for catching up with friends.


It’s also the ideal place to cook up some tasty treats. S’mores, anyone?


When the fire has been extinguished and it’s time for bed, take one last look up to really take in a night sky free of light pollution.


No need to worry about setting an alarm clock– the sun will get you up and at it.


How will you spend your day outdoors? Perhaps you’ll check out a hike…


… or maybe you’ll take a dip in a waterfall.


Regardless of how you spend your day, hopefully a little time enjoying the outdoors will remind you that every so often, it’s definitely worth ditching the hotel room for a patch of dirt!



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