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The Best River Cruises in Europe

Leonid Andronov / iStock / thinkstock.com

Leonid Andronov / iStock / thinkstock.com

Say goodbye to big boats and long days at sea. River cruises are the new and trendy way to discover Europe and its secret landscapes. Visitors relax on ship with no hassles of trying to figure out directions or translating signs written in a foreign language. Thus, five-star treatment never ends on board thanks to smaller number of passengers and more intimate ship settings. The next time you want to sail away throughout Europe, choose a river cruise, to explore the best of Europe with a bit more relaxation.

Grand European River Cruise
Set sail for 29 days with Uniworld, the Boutique River Cruise Collection. Passengers board either the River Princess or the River Duchess for their luxurious one-month journey departing from Amsterdam and concluding in Istanbul. These all-inclusive ships feature fancy sheets and modern décor. The ships meander throughout Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia,  Romania and Bulgaria.

Elbe River
Operated via Viking River Cruise; passengers set sail aboard the Schumann vessel throughout Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic. This four-star vessel sets sail for a 12-day journey carrying 124 passengers. The cruise starts in Berlin, heads to Dresden toward Czech Republic and offshores at some of the most spectacular palaces and gardens throughout Europe.

Douro River
Blue Water Holidays feature an eight-day trip traversing down the lesser known Douro River. Meander throughout Spain and Portugal in search of the traditional Mediterranean life, including the best wine from these regions. This eight-day trip starts and ends in Porto while exploring Spain in between. Passengers ride of one of two ships, the Infante Don Henrique or the Fernao de Magalhaes. The ship holds 142 passengers and offers fine dining and plenty of entertainment thanks to the on-ship pool.

Rhine River
The Rhine is one of Europe’s most popular river attractions. Viking Cruises offers cruises with new ships that feature five-star amenities. Professional chefs whip up gourmet, healthy cuisines serving palates of all taste buds. The journey visits five countries and explores the best of Germanic castles to the bicycle-busy streets of Amsterdam.

Volga River
Viking River Cruise operates a journey throughout Russia’s Volga River. This river is less traveled, but gaining speed in popularity. The cruise stops at Moscow and St. Petersburg for several days while pit-stopping at smaller towns throughout the journey, including UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tours operate for 12 or 14 days between May and September.


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