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Best Train Journeys in the World

Many traveling pursuits include how to get somewhere as fast as possible. Train travel, on the other hand, is a past time that’s more focused on the journey rather than the destination. Train journeys are catching speed in popularity as people desire to slow down and view the landscape between the major landmarks. If searching for a different form of travel, check out one of these train journeys, to explore the more interesting and beautiful route of life.

Pride of Africa
Although safaris and jeeps are the thought of African topic, surprisingly the Pride of Africa train is recommended for those who want to explore the circle of safari life. The train is clean and has that impeccable 1940’s Hollywood movie feel with table clothed dining tables and wood trim rooms. The train provides ultra-comfortable rooms while it serves its five-star cuisine and luxurious amenities. The train  rides for 14-days throughout various destinations such as Cape Town, Krueger National Park, Victoria Falls and Dar Es Salaam.

Palace on Wheels
Completely different than the traditional Indian train experiences, this luxurious train meets its “palace” expectations. The train departs from Delhi in route to various hot spots in Rajasthan. A steam engine is used to transport the train, thus taking a walk back through history while exploring historic sites in Jaipur and the Taj Mahal in Agra.

The Trans Siberian Railway
This is the ultimate train journey for every choo-choo and off-the-beaten-path lover. There are three routes one can take including: Moscow to Vladivostok (6,000 miles) or two routes between Moscow to Beijing. One route includes going through Mongolia (5,000 miles) where the other travels through Manchuria. This journey is exciting as one travels through the best of European and Asian landscapes and sites without leaving the continent, all thanks to Russian Trains!

Rocky Mountaineer
To explore the best of BC, Alberta and everything in between, book the popular Vancouver to Banff train. Packages vary but include stunning sites including the Canadian Rockies, Cascade Mountains, turquoise lakes, snowcapped peaks and glaciers. This is a perfect blend of urban delights with nature escapes to satisfy adventurous palates.

Eastern and Oriental Express
This lavish train stuns the eye with its decorative décor and modern amenities. Travelers explore Asia between Singapore and Bangkok, which features modern sites fused with ancient, historic enchantments. Or you can experience the best of South-east Asian topography from city streets to fertile mountain peaks.

Flam Railway
Scandanavia is beautiful region, which is difficult to view the best sites with limited vacation time. Take a ride along Norway’s largest fjord, Sognefjord. The ride passes through 3,000 feet into the Fjords of Flam passing through spectacular sights and nail-biting narrow passageways. The majestic beauty of Norway stuns the eye with unpolluted landscapes and natural sounds.

Glacier Express
This 180-mile ride takes a solid eight hours thanks to being the slowest “express” train around. But going slow is a good thing when passing over narrow bridges and being able to enjoy the best Alp views. The train passes over 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and 6,670 feet of altitude, making for an adventurous James Bond type of escapade.


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