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Social Media: I Wish I Could Quit You




Palm trees rustle in the light breeze.  The sun crests the mountain tops as the first glimmer of light reflects against the crystal clear waters.  A flock of pink flamingoes bath in the pond underneath a 20ft. waterfall.  Monkey mothers bath their young monkey babies.  Two hippopotame dip under the water to share hippopotamus kisses.  A group of travellers take in the majestic once in a lifetime sight. 

                                                Hey, does anyone have any wifi?

                                                I want to post this pic on instagram!


Admit it, we are all guilty of this…especially me. We travel to all these exotic locations and yet we spend so much time posting pics on social media so others can be jealous of us and our adventures. What if we walked away from it all and just enjoyed the beauty and magic around us? What if what we saw was only for us and those around us who are sharing the same exact moment?
IMG_0108The next trip I take, I’m going to go social media commando. Who’s coming with me?



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