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Best Backpacker Bars in Europe

Comstock / Stockbyte / thinkstock.com

Comstock / Stockbyte / thinkstock.com

Backpacking Europe is a once in a lifetime opportunity to escape the real world and connect with the road unknown. It’s the time to create lifelong memories, connect with international travelers, which is commonly encountered while at the hostel bar. Backpacker bars are an ideal place not only to save a euro or two, but to find a potential travel mate for your next leg of the journey, or maybe for that night. When in Europe, and looking for an exciting place to catch a buzz, make sure you stop by these best backpacker bars in Europe.

Euro Youth Hostel | Munich, Germany
Munich is known for good beer, and the Euro Youth Hostel is the best hostel bar in Munich. Cheap drinks and cocktails are even cheaper during happy hour (between 6 through 9pm at night.) On certain nights catch a band or DJ playing, or even a themed night to celebrate good drinks and excuse to party.

The Flying Pig | Amsterdam, Netherlands
If not totally wasted on weed, make sure you check out the Flying Pig for a magical party, or maybe an actual vision of a flying pig. Located in city center are two hostels and the attached pig bars are rocking all night with visitors from around the world enjoying a drink and a puff of herb.

Kabul | Barcelona, Spain
Located on the second floor of the Kabul hostel is the best backpacker bar in Spain. Everything starts late in Spain, including the partying. This noteworthy bar sometimes doesn’t get rocking until 2am. Kabul is definitely for the party animals, so if you enjoy peace and quiet while you sleep, check out another hostel as this maybe a sleepless joint.

The Pink Palace | Corfu, Greece
For those who are in search of a 24-hour access bar and nightclub attached to the hostel, look no further than the Pink Palace. Experience themed events such as the weekly toga party to get in touch with Greece’s ancient history, or explore the booze-cruise, which is known to be a drunken stupor. The best part of the booze cruise is that the ship arrives on shore just in time for happy hour and cheap drinks.

Peace and Love Hostel | Paris, France
Peace, love and socialism is the reputation of this no curfew bar. The bar and terrace is open until 2am, and packs up especially during happy hour. With liquor on tap and with 10 styles of beer Frenchies and international travelers come to explore each other’s’ company without being locked out. The newly refurbished rooms make this one of the better hostels to sleep in with clean sheets and hairless shower drains.

The Yellow | Rome, Italy
The Yellow bar is a must-visit while backpacking in Rome. The bar is open later than most bars and is free from lockout and there is no curfew, perfect for the late-night backpacker. The Yellow is most famous for its “party hostel” pub crawl. With guidance from it’s professional party staff, Roman guests will visit the best and most prolific party spots throughout Roma. Keep posted to the weekly themed events such as the toga party and costume party, perfect for those who desire to walk through ancient Roman sandals.

Hostel ELF | Prague, Czech Republic
This party hostel is well known for its fridge full of Czech beer. Since Prague prices are dramatically increasing, this is one of the cheapest places to booze for backpackers. On select days per week the happy hour offers 50% of all 0.5Liter beers, paying some 40 cent Euro for beer.


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