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Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in the US

ventdusud / iStock / thinkstock.com

The sunrise, that time of morning where shuteye is still in play, but for those early-morning folks, they experience bliss and serenity while watching the waking sun. Believe it or not, not all sunrises are beachfront views. But yet an integration of nature’s finest locations and pristine landscapes. From the beach to the mountains, these are the best places to spot the sunrise in the US.

Mount Rainier | Washington
Although the sunset is beautiful from Paradise and the surrounding areas, for those who are stationed at Camp Muir and above are peaked with a sensational view of the sun rising over the Cascades. It’s no surprise why this majestic mountain captures the heart of many; the sunrise fused with the glacial landscape may bring a tear to the eye.

Grand Canyon National Park | Arizona
What is gold, orange, purple and red at the same time? That’s the Grand Canyon at sunrise. When the first rays glisten over the canyon peaks, an array of color blasts throughout the canyon walls, stunning the eye with rainbows of warm and cool hues. The sunrise over the canyon symbolizes the vastness of the canyon and planet earth.

Mount Haleakala | Maui, Hawaii
If you can open your eyes at 4:00am to make way up the mountain to catch the morning sunrise, be ready to experience one of the most quintessential experiences in your life. This celestial phenomenon is beyond spectacular as the sun rises over the clouds and 10,000 feet above sea-level. Bring warm clothes, but get ready to experience a once-in-a-lifetime view.

John Anderson / iStock / thinkstock.com

John Anderson / iStock / thinkstock.com

Central Park | New York City
The Big Apple, and big cities, too have spectacular sunrises. The “City that Never Sleeps” hosts magnificent sun rays over the skyline to kick-start another NYC-type of day.  Joggers exercising before work and business men running late to work, all enjoy the freshness of the sunrise, especially from Central Park’s front row views.

Key West | Florida
As one of Florida’s premier sunrise and sunset destinations, Key West flourishes with vibrant colors across the clear blue sky and ocean. If looking for that traditional water sunrise view, look no further than Key West, one of the US’s most tropical destinations, for endless miles of sand, sea and sun. And thanks to Florida’s heat, no jacket needed at sunrise hours.

Bryce Canyon National Park| Utah
Located in Bryce Canyon National Park, is Bryce Point, a stunning sunrise location to explore the sunrise and sunset. The sun hit the canyon walls, glistening warm hues of red, orange and gold. The best days are when clouds intermingle with the sun to fuse earth and sky in one picturesque image.


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