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8 Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

When it comes to buying a gift, your traveling loved one can be one of the hardest people to shop for. Whether they “suffer” from insatiable wanderlust or their career has them living out of a suitcase, travelers value practicality above all. Space is limited and weight-restrictions are aplenty, making it tough to find a gift that they’ll enjoy and actually use.

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or bon voyage party, when you need to find the perfect something, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 ideas that the traveler in your life will surely appreciate.

Charge It Up
Travel becomes a little trickier when your phone dies or your camera battery runs out at exactly the wrong time: any traveler will appreciate a utility charge tool.

This Swiss army knife-looking apparatus is practical and a space saver: the different “heads” mean that individual cords can be left behind, making tangled cords at the bottom of a bag a thing of the past. The USB adapter head makes charging a breeze, no matter where you are.

E-Read All About It
Though some still enjoy the feeling of paper pages between their fingers, there’s no doubt the e-readers are the way to go for frequent travelers. Books can be bulky and heavy, taking up precious luggage space. An e-reader, like the Kindle or the Kobo, provides the perfect time filler for the inevitable waiting that comes along with traveling.

Safety First
We all know that our valuables should be carried on, not stashed in bags that are checked in. A well-designed anti-theft carry-on bag, like the Metrosafe 150 GII anti-theft cross body sling bag, can be used as a purse or tote throughout the trip–items with multiple functions are good! Look for special features that your traveler will appreciate, like RFID blocking pockets, smart zipper security™ (to prevent a pickpocket from easily unzipping a compartment), slash-proof straps and compartments, and lockable security hooks.

Get ID’d
If you’re looking for a small gift, a luggage tag is the perfect practical-yet-affordable token of your love. Choose something unique that will easily identify your loved one’s suitcase amid a sea of black cases on the luggage carousel. Get creative, and search out a color, pattern or shape that reflects the recipients interests and personality.

Take the Weight Off Their Shoulders
Bag weight limits are stricter than ever before, and there’s nothing more unpleasant than having to chalk up over-weight fees. Gift your traveler with a luggage scale, so that they can avoid surprises before they leave their home.

Shackle Those Bags
Whether their suitcase is checked beneath the airplane or stowed a few rows over on a train, a luggage lock will give a traveler peace of mind while they’re separated from their stuff. There are various options out there, from key cards to combination locks to keys—no matter what you choose, this little gift will go a long way.

Snap Away
Many travelers opt to leave their camera at home to save space, relying instead on their smartphone to do the work. Since your beloved traveler is sure to take pictures throughout their adventure, why not offer them a gadget to enhance those cell phone pictures?

Smartphone camera lenses will allow your traveler to take higher quality, more dynamic photos. From fisheye lenses to macro lenses to wide-angle lenses, there are quite a few options to choose from. You can even find accessories, like smartphone tripods!

Where in the World?
A gift that your traveler can leave at home is a scratch map: a personalized map of the world which can be scratched off, much like a scratch-and-win lottery ticket, so that your traveler can track where they’ve been around the world—and plan future getaways.


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