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World’s Strangest Bars

Skeleton Bar

When on the road, drinking a beer or sipping a gin and tonic go hand-in-hand, not only for a night out on the town, but makes for an interesting tale and memory. But nothing says “Facebook” post more than an out-of-this-world type of bar or lounge. Whether you spin right round in a wheel chair, jam it to a Depeche Mode themed bar or sip a shorty in a 6,000 year old tree, these are the world’s most strange, weird and unique bars.

Skeleton Bar | Gruyere, Switzerland
Beer and bones, how they frighten the ba-jesus out of horror flick souls. This museum-bar was created by movie designer, Hans Rudi Giger, who won an Oscar for best special effects in 1980 for his human-eating Alien. Sip and stare at spinal cords strung along the walls and ceiling for a graveyard, alien-belly, type of atmosphere. Bottoms up!

DM Baar | Tallinn, Estonia
Love Depeche Mode so much that you want to admire music and murals over a Manhattan? If so, visit DM for a bar dedicated to Depeche Mode.  Bring your DM photo and hang it on the wall, photograph the star-signed wall or simply dance to the nonstop DM music, the choice is yours. The bar opened in 1999 thanks to a devoted fan and now is a world renowned unique bar destination.

Baobab Bar | South Africa
Whoever would have thought having a brewskie in a Baobab tree would be so much fun? Yes, it is true, visitors sip away with the trunk of a 6,000 year old Baobab tree. The 72-foot hollow tree keeps drinkers cool inside while the sun scorches skin outside the tree. The 155-foot circumference fits 40 drinkers comfortably to drink, dartboard or dance the night away.

Alux Restaurant and Lounge | Mexico
Located in Playa de Carmen, explore tequila underground in this cavern bar and restaurant. Just remember, no matter how much your drink, it is not appropriate to break off the stalagmites and stalactites. Stay cool, lounge around and eat up some tasty Mexican treats.

Red Sea Star | Israel
After too many fruit cocktails, you may start singing the famous Little Mermaids, “Under the sea” song. Transport twenty feet into the Gulf of Eilat and pop a squat on a jellyfish-inspired stool. Each table has a Plexiglas window to enjoy the local reef and marine scenery. The Red Sea Star’s owners kindly nurse a local reef, thus giving homes to the local creatures.

Bojangles Saloon | Australia
With a name of Bojangles, you know the weirdness is not clowning around. Located in Alice Springs, Uluru visitors stop for Bundaberg Rum and an unusual experience.  The name is inheritaed from Mr. Bojangles “The Man who Dances.” Visitors can eat the famous Aussie’s meat, which is available (no koala) but also its quirky décor. Boots hanging from the ceiling, snakes in tanks and the suit of armor resting in a coffin with a sign, “How much to touch Ned’s Nuts?” is definitely out of the norm.

Absolut Icebar | Stockholm, Sweden
This is the first ice bar to make way to human living. Guests bundle in thermal caps and winter coats to enjoy some special, vodka. The liquid long johns keep guests cool, but what is cooler are the ice sculptures. This frosty place is only open December through April.


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