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8 Awesome Travel Ideas

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Everyone’s got places to go and dreams to explore. The world is a big place and there are plenty of ancient and modern places to discover. Jump out of your comfort zone and into the unknown of living life under water to pushing your boundaries on a major hike. Keep dreaming and one day your travel list will become a reality.

Discover Paradise
Everyone dreams of relaxing on a white sandy beach with aqua-blue shorelines. There is a reason why beach scenes are the backdrop for many desktop computers and calendars. Paradise landscapes are serene, divine and at times tear-jerkingly beautiful. Whether you want to visit the beaches of Tahiti or Maldives, at least once in your life escape the city and relax in paradise.

Volunteer Abroad
The world is rapidly changing and many people, places, and animals need your help. Volunteer vacations are not only rewarding but changes your life perspectives to see that there is more to the world than Iphones and Netflix. Bath with elephants in Thailand, pick fruit in Australia, teach English in South Korea, or work at an orphanage in Peru, the choice is yours.

Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone
For the adventurous, they may think of doing everything bold, daring and risky. But for the average folk, something as small as taking a scuba lesson dives deep outside the comfort zone. Do something you’d never think you’d ever do. Maybe that is cage diving with alligators in Darwin, Australia or cruising to Antarctica; there’s something different out there for every traveler.

Explore Your Roots
If you’re American, most likely your ethnic heritage began somewhere outside the states. Read, explore and travel your ethnic land or country. We’ve all come from somewhere and this gives you a sense of where you or your family has come from and appreciate your family on a deeper sense.

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Visit a Wonder of the World
There’s a reason why certain destinations are labelled as a wonder—they are beyond wonderful, and online photos and coffee books do not do it justice. These wonders must be seen with the naked eye. Whether it’s one of the natural or original seven wonders of the world there’s plenty to explore from the Pyramids to the Colosseum.

Explore life Underwater
The ocean is a mysterious beast often triggering tranquility yet curiosity with humans. Snorkel, dive or swim under the water to view how life easily, yet beautifully, flows under the surface. This allows travels to gain better appreciation for the pollution, littering and mindless destruction of sea creatures that has occurred for the ocean.

Trek a Major Hike
Explore life above sea level with a birds eye of the majestic mountains. Trekking does not necessarily mean mountaineering, but there are plenty of long, strenuous hikes to choose from around the world. Accomplishing a major hike boosts self-confidence naturally as hikers translate lessons from the trail to life. Sometimes when things get hard, tough and you want to quit, you must keep going and push through. The reward of finishing is always worth it.

Study Something Unique
Too often in modern living, we get stuck in our ego and personal ways, thoughts and beliefs. Gain a better appreciation for what makes the world go ‘round with studying something different. Whether it’s yoga in India, Buddhism in Thailand or French cooking, you expand your knowledge naturally while outside your same old thought process.


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