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Best Places to Admire Spring Cherry Blossoms

ookawa / iStock / thinkstock.com

ookawa / iStock / thinkstock.com

Springs flowers always bring springtime showers, but that is no excuse not to admire the local blooms and blossoms. Every March through May thousands of locals and travelers explore various destinations to admire, smell and photograph the cherry blossom tree. Sometimes referred to as “sakura,” Japanese for the cherry blossom, grow with various shades of white and pink petals. Commonly known as an important flower in Japan, the cherry blossom tree is found throughout the world, blooming cities, fields and parks with its stunning beauty. If looking to travel this spring, check out of these top places to admire the cherry blossom trees.

Seattle, WA
Cherry blossoms are sprinkled throughout the city commonly found in bulk throughout Queen Anne, Fremont and the U-District. The popular University of Washington quad contained footpaths outlined cherry blossom trees standing proud in front of historic architecture. Expect to find students and professional photographers enjoying life and the beauty.  Cherry blossoms are spotted throughout downtown, the Belltown region, and near the waterfront.

Washington DC
The best time to visit the full blooms is between mid-March through April, and thanks to the US Blossom forecasters, they predict the petal’s blossoming. The annual National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place to celebrate the 3,000 cherry blossom tree gifts from Japan on March 27, 1912. The trees are found throughout Jefferson Memorial, Anacostia Drive, tidal basin and other Capitol Hill Parks.

Hirosaki, Japan
This castle-like town is surrounded with cherry blossom trees framing waterways, bridges and footpaths. The picturesque moat attracts visitors and photographers to catch a glimpse of ancient history and beauty. More than 2,500 trees surround the castle and turns the water pink with fallen petals.

Top Photo Group / thinkstock.com

Top Photo Group / thinkstock.com

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Now tulips maybe the first thought of the Netherlands, but yes cherry blossoms bloom throughout spring. In fact, tulips and cherry blossoms go hand-in-hand when creating photographic masterpieces. In 2000, the Japanese Women’s Club planted 400 trees in Blossom Park to signify the 400 years of trade between the two countries.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver is another cherry tree hotspot blossoming over 40,000 trees gifted from Japan in the 1930’s. Peak blooms in late March through April while festivities occur throughout cherry tree season. Bike tours, Sakura Days Japan Fair, and paint classes occur throughout the city to celebrate the pink and white petals.

Yoshino, Japan
Yoshino is a common mountainside town that is particularly popular to view the carpet like rows of cherry blossom trees. The peak looks vastly different from the bottom compared to the top of the mountain, creating a site to see.

Guangzhou, China
Visit the Nansha Huangshanlu Park in Guangzho to find a manicured arrangement of cherry blossom trees planted throughout 10,000 square meters. Blooms last for up to two months, which is a long-haul for these precious petals.


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