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Coolest Cave Hotels

For those who yearn for seclusion from light, air and day, get your underground fix at one of these cave hotels. Become a geological wonder as you dive into the earth’s crust and experience soundless sleep. Cave hotels are not common, and although there are plenty of underground buildings, not many structures are built into, or below, a cave. For a primitive experience, explore some of the coolest cave hotels in the world. Bring warm clothes as it’s literally cool day and night.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge | Arkansas
Located near the Ozark National Forest, is this modern-style hotel built into the side of a cave. With exposed cave ceilings, and outdoor streams experience nature as you bath in luxury underneath the caved-in moonlight. Some rooms feature a loft style design where the bedroom rests above a full-service kitchen but just far enough below the rock so you won’t bang your head in the middle of the deep, dark night.

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast | New Mexicoc2Located in Farmington, New Mexico, this cave hotel features panoramic views of the area’s surrounding mountains and valleys, perfect for the southwest sunsets. The man-made hotel is located 70 feet below the earth’s surface, all featuring modern design and amenities. The area attracts tourists who have interest in Native American history, and recreational activities are located nearby.

Gamirasu Cave Suite | TurkeyFor a luxurious cavern experience, look no further than Gamirasu. Located in the heart of Cappadocia, the 35-room hotel opened caves in 1999. Once used as a monastic retreat in the Byzantine Era, is now offers contemporary decor with etched in stone designs in certain rooms. The outdoor pool is spectacular and the indoor Turkish rugs really tie the room together. This hotel is all around amazing so it’s no surprise its an award-winning hotel.

Hotel Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita | ItalyLocated in Matera, this four-star hotel is located 500 meters from Domenico Ridola National Archeological Museum and Cathedral of Matera. The aerial views from the hotel are breathtaking and the night view is jaw-dropping, but the quaint rooms are remarkable. The simple, yet-darling décor allows guests to take a walk into ancient history with candlelight dinners, in-house fireplaces and stand-alone bathtub.  Somehow you’ll forget your living in modern times in this historic hotel.

Sala Silver Mine Hotel | SwedenHop on in the “mine shaft” elevator and plunge 500-feet below ground to experience a night in mining history. The “Mine-Suite” is the deepest and darkest room in the hotel. Eat in the cave’s restaurant, explore the local underwater regions and snuggle with your loved one. Bring plenty of warm clothes as the cave averages two degrees Celsius year round.

Cuevas El Abanico | SpainLocated in Granada (the Sacramonte neighborhood) is this rustic meets modern-day cave-houses. The interior is decorated with chic, but homely décor with a splashed with traditional Spanish tile flooring. The hotel is within walking distance of the local castle, fort complexes and flamenco-cavern bars. The region presents the historic cobblestone pathways that meander amidst flower-lined balcony homes and windows.


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