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The World's Most Unusual Spas

Saunas, hot tub, steam baths and meditation rooms – What sounds more enjoyable than a relaxing day at the spa? Creative owners are kicking up the innovation on how to relax the body and restore the mind. No longer do guests sit in a regular ol’ bubbling bath, but now soak-it-up in wine and green tea. For the adventurous-relaxer, intermingle with snakes in your next massage. Yes, that’s right, snakes. How relaxing is that? Only you can tell as you put your mind to the test at the world’s most unusual spas.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa Resort | JapanDrinking wine in a hot tub is not out-of-the-ordinary, especially for those who want a hot-buzz, but bathing in wine is a completely different experience. Yunessun is home to 25 different spa related services including the Green tea, Wine and Sake spa. Not only are you drinking this stuff, but you are bathing in it too. Wine waterfalls, sake dripping out of a giant cask and drinking coffee fused with spring water invigorates the body in more than one way.

Hershey’s Spa at Hotel Hershey | PennsylvaniaChocolate lovers and sweet tooth’s alike bask in silky-smooth luxury. Chocolate treatments are most popular and for good reason. Escape for three hours as your body is gracefully massage with cocoa. Beyond massages guests experience whipped cocoa bath, chocolate sugar scrub or a chocolate fondue wrap. So if you’ve wondered what your strawberries experience when you eat fondue, schedule an appointment with Hershey.

Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm | Israel
Forget scrubbing yourself with the Dead Sea particles, snakes are the “new” way to relax. Ada Barak, owner, found the therapeutic benefits of snakes as people held the little guys. That’s when the light bulb clicked and now she lets the snakes slither around the back to promote relaxation. If you’re looking to overcome your fear with snakes, this is the place to be. The large snakes are used for a deep massage where the smaller ones are used for a lighter massage. The snakes are non-venomous.

Galos Caves | ChicagoWhat looks like a Christmas wonderland on acid is actually a healing salt cave. The healing effects mimic that benefits one would receive from the Black Sea, which allows salt to crystalize naturally. Visiting the salt caves provides innumerable benefits including aiding dysfunctions in the respiratory, digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems. The colors calm the senses thanks to color therapy at work.

Blue Lagoon | IcelandThis popular Icelandic destination allows guests to frolic and bath in the outdoor, mineral-rich lava fields. The scenery is beyond beautiful and the water stimulates the eye with turquoise and white-colored water. This geothermal seawater spa is one of the very few places you can mask and paste your body with volcanic silica mud. For the ultra-relaxation experience, book an in-water massage or beauty treatment.

The Lime Spa | MaldivesThis underwater spa is a breath of fresh air as you experience life below the horizon. The soft cushions are comprised of corals and sponges and fabric which mirror oceanic kelp. Book one of two treatment rooms which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and local marine life. For those who enjoy relaxing, soak in the Lonu Veyo, a saltwater pool replicating the minerals found in the Indian Ocean.


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