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World’s Top Shark Diving Destinations

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Sharks, the apex predator of the sea, are a magnificent yet fierce creature, which is either labelled as “good” or “bad” species. Although some people fear “Jaws,” other people are fascinated with sharks and have the urge to get a bit closer to these gentle beasts. Whether you want to face your fears or come face-to-face with adventure, these are the best shark diving destinations in the world.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica
This “must-dive” island is located 300-miles off the coast of Costa Rica. These shark infested waters rank high in PADI’s best dive spot location and is a dream-swim to view hundreds of hammerheads throughout the sea. It is also common to spot white tip sharks, giant manta rays, large tuna fish and bottlenose dolphins. The biodiversity meets under-the-sea expectations.

Gansbaai, South Africa
Say hello to most-feared beast in the ocean, The Great White. Located off the shores of Gansbaai are two islands, Dyer and Geyser Rock, where seal and penguin populations are feasting grounds for the Great White. For those who do not like to view the Circle of Life this may not be the most ideal dive location.

Nassau, Bahamas
For those with bold and daring spirits, check out the cage-less, metal-less dive in the Bahamas. This popular diving spot is a front row seat to view the reef’s shark feeding frenzy.  The lure occurs thanks to experienced dive masters who are covered in chains with a pocket full of meat to kick start the shark’s taste buds.

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The Maldives are home to fertile coral reefs and a diverse ecosystem of pelagic and reef sharks. Year-round divers spot whale sharks and hammerheads. Hanifaru Bay is the largest sanctuary for sharks and a popular manta ray destination.

Rhode Island, USA
The murky, frigid water is home to the migratory blue shark. Point Judith is a popular dive location, which is three hours off the New England coast. Divers hop in a cage while chum is dumped into the water, thus the feeding frenzy begins. The blue shark has a more slender snout, which is noticeable different from other sharks.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico
This Mexican island is home to the Great White Shark. The Biosphere Reserve tags, tracks and registers sharks. Cage divers have the opportunity to dive with up to 5 Great White sharks simultaneously. Or for those who are free spirits, divers can take their own trip out in the middle of the ocean and may randomly encounter the Great White.

Galapagos Islands
This ecological wonder flourishes with fertile aquatic life, and that includes sharks. The 13 archipelago islands boast wonderful undersea opportunities. During the day, it is common to watch hundreds of hammerheads swim through, even just a few meters from the surface.


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