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7 Signs You May have Travel Burnout

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Globe trekking is exciting, but for many business travelers and long-term backpackers, being on the road may cause burnout and exhaustion. If sleeping sounds better than chatting with the locals, it’s a sign your brain and body needs a break. From jetlag to getting sick, below are the top indicators that you need a “staycation” and stay put in one location to recharge your batteries.

Anger is the Feeling of Choice
Part of the exciting part of traveling includes spontaneity and adventure.  However, constantly on-the-go travelers may tire easily from all the bumps in the road. If you notice anger is the first feeling of choice for delayed flights, poor service, or lost luggage, it maybe time to break from traveling.

Hotel First, Culture Last
Time travelers tired eyes find fresh pillows and fluffy sheets more attractive than exploring local culture. Burnt out travelers who order delivery pizza or Chinese food (unless you’re visiting China, of course) definitely needs a break from traveling and catch some sleep-eye.

You Get Sad for an Upcoming Trip
Excited travelers get anxious for the countdown toward a trip or vacation to begin. If traveling, or making travel plans, sounds like a chore or an annoyance, it’s time to re-consider your options and stay in one time zone for a while.

Want to Spend Time Solo
Traveling, especially backpacking, creates memorable memoirs thanks to conversations with locals or long nights of clubbing. Burnout travelers may find their brain is too tired to converse and yearns for their time-spent solo. If you “can’t be bothered” by locals, then yes you are zapped.

Lost Touch with Adventure
If you’re a pioneer and have climbed to the top of pile of pillows, it’s a sign for relaxation. Another indicator is if you stare at Facebook or spend time in one of those Internet cafés.

You Have the End in Sight
If you cannot wait for your trip to end, take it as a sign to relax and restore the body. Try a massage or a spa treatment. Some people who are the edge of dropping off planet earth cannot wait to get home upon immediately landing at their destination.

You Can’t Deal with the Crowds
Urban living is the concrete jungle of large crowds and jam-packed streets. From New York to Tokyo, most cities stay busy from dawn until dusk. So if street and foot traffic irritate you, stay in the hotel and catch up on some much needed sleep.


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