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6 Dangerous Drives Not for the Faint of Heart

When road tripping, things can get boring on the straight and narrow. You must ask yourself, are you feeling brave? Dare to leave the smooth and even pavement for a drive that’ll get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing with excitement: Here are 6 of the world’s most dangerous drives, not for the faint of heart.

Colorado State Highway 82, ColoradoNavajo-Bridge-3-1024x682Time to confront that overwhelming fear of heights, and with this 12,100 ft above sea level road, you can tackle that demon while taking in the stunning view of Independence Pass in the Rocky Mountains down below. Bonus: this windy road takes drivers through mountains full of steep drop offs, too-tight-turns and narrow passages that allow only a single vehicle to pass through.

Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee/North Carolina10655251966_7b3577b64a_oLike curves? Because this road is said to have 318 of ‘em. Get your twist on navigating the sharp turns of this roadway, as it will keep you on your toes…literally, and test your performance driving skills as well. These unbelievably curvy stretches are so intense; some have earned nicknames such as, “Brake or Bust Bend” and “Gravity Cavity.” Sounds tempting…

Trollstigen, Norway2012-07_TrollstigenTrollstigen translates to “Trolls Path.” If the name alone doesn’t deter your brave soul, then let this sink in: 11 hairpin turns at a steep 9% gradient. Pissing your pants yet? While speed racing along this road of death don’t forget to enjoy the scenery of the Kongen, Dronningen and Bispen mountains- some of the most beautiful views!

Stelvio Pass, ItalyPasso_dello_stelvioThis road is all about the risk, packing 60 super duper tight turns into 15 minuscule miles. But wait-there’s more. Push your little automobile to the sky’s limit, as this road climbs 9,045 feet high with gradients as steep as 14%. Besides the sheer terror of this drive, the breathtaking scenery most certainly makes it worth it. Enjoy the wondrous Alpine views while clinging to your car seat for dear life.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China201110191022201562The history behind this harrowing 13 ft. wide road crudely carved into the side of a cliff is enough to get you gripping that steering wheel and taking a walk on the edge…seriously. It all started when the village of Guoliang requested a highway to be built to connect them to surrounding towns, but the government did not respond. So- the ambitious village decided to do it themselves- all by the hands of 13 of their strongest. The road steeply drops off on one side and drivers will experience unpredictable dips and twists do to the DIY construction.

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norwayatlantic-road-norway-1This road looks like something out of a crazy, animated movie, featuring eight bridges designed to blow your mind. But, you don’t want to be traversing these paved pathways during a storm. Known for treacherous seas, carefully wind your way from island to island along this road with ocean spray splashing up onto your car from below. Because of the impressive architecture and popularity amongst road trippers, this road has been named as a Cultural Heritage site.


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