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America’s Top Running Tours

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Do you want to discover a new way to explore America? With the rise of popularity with running tours, explore the ins, outs, and backstreets of America’s finest destinations. Get off the beaten path and break in your new running shoes as you discover deserts, city streets and sandy beaches. If you’re looking for a new way to stay active on your next vacation, book a running tour; hey–at least you’ll burn off your ice cream and beer-drinking calories.

Las Vegas Running Tours
Are you ready to run and live-it-up in Las Vegas and the must-see desert landscapes? Jimmy or Koryn will lead and encourage you on as you explore the Las Vegas Strip, Mount Charleston, the Valley of Fire or a specialized tour specifically designed for all your desired interests. Tours welcome novice and intermediate runners. All tours include a thrilling, high-energy experience, run tour photo and local/historical information. Sorry folks, buffets are not included.

New York City Running Tours
Explore NYC via running shoe. These group or personalized tours run through the popular and historic sites. Guides multi-task with running and talking about some of the Big Apple’s biggest sites including the Empire State Building, Central Park and Brooklyn breweries. Yes, beer and running go foot-to-hand, so book the Beer Run NYC early.

Flamingo Running Tours
Fly, well actually you get to run, your way to paradise. This tour company will make you sweat in Florida’s southern, yet humid, neighborhoods around Ft. Lauderdale. Key West and Miami are soon to be added, but grab your sunscreen and sweat rag for a six-mile run. Guests are treated with photos from their run-tographer, Flamingos t-shirt and a nice, juicy, well-earned Florida orange.

Rocky Mountain Running Adventures
Explore the Boulder and Denver region with a half, full or multi-day running tour. From city streets to mountain peaks, experience the hard-core training lands of Colorado. Nature lovers book the Rocky Mountain High to run across the continental divide and to join the mile high club.

SF Running Tours
Try not to get blown over while jogging throughout San Francisco. Running Guide, Hugh Bosley, will guide you everywhere the Santa Ana wind blows. From downtown to the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoy the best of urban running. For those who enjoy nature explore the Bay area trails, or maybe a night frolic for the pub-crawler. With bountiful opportunities, you’ll be sure to hit a hill or two while in San Fran.

City Running Tours
The next time you visit a major city such as Chicago, Denver or DC, be sure to check out City Running Tours. Personalized and group tours run through some of the most notable streets, bridges and destinations in the US. Guests receive a goody bag, which includes a t-shirt. Tours welcome runners of all ages and abilities and currently serves 11 large cities nationwide.


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