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Travel Guide to Sochi, Russia

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Are you or someone you know traveling to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics? This “Russian Riviera” integrates urban flavor amidst the seaside retreat. Yet Sochi exudes a mystical feel with the snowcapped mountainous backdrop shining over the temperate seashores. Although developers are getting on the bandwagon to produce fresh, classy hotels,  Sochi is home to the best restaurants, coolest clubs and worth-visiting cultural institutions.

Airfare boasts a near $4,000,  but travelers always visit Olympic sites post event, which may not guarantee a cheaper plane ticket or hotel stay. On your next stay in Sochi, here is a beginners guide to some of the most popular spots around town.

Art lovers will appreciate the Sochi Art Museum to find paintings, sculptures and artifacts relishing inside the manicured building structure and pristine lawns.  Explore more than 60,000 artifacts and special events at the Sochi History Museum. Tree Huggers make way to the Tree of Friendship Museum, which represents international friendship. 

Sports and Recreation
Sochi is one of the warmest Russian cities, which flourishes with subtropical climate. Aqua lovers and swimmers must visit the Lagoon, which is a swimming pool and scuba diving center. Visit the Sochi Resort for a dip into a mineral bath, or check out one of the many local soccer fields and tennis courts. If you love air, encounter a parachuting excursion with Rosto Sochi Airclub.

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The Russians love their vodka and electronica music. High traffic seasons are most prevalent during the summer months. Visit Plyush Club for a mixture of House and Trance music. Saint Tropez mixes various R&B melodies and rocks with House music. For some of the best DJ’s visit 8th Heaven, which plays House, Trance and various Club beats.


Visit the city’s main market, Sochi Market, for a glimpse of the locals at action selling meats, flowers and produce. For local cuisine visit Adlersky Market for a variety of food and local flavor.

Downtown, resorts and museums flourish with traditional tourist shops. Boutique stores are located across the city and Sochi features several large shopping malls. If you’re in the market for sporting gear, visit Vyshaya Liga or “Major League.” The city’s largest shopping area, Yubileynaya features the best of jewelry, clothes, shoes and even food.

National Parks
Sochi National Park is Russia’s second oldest national park. The park consists of over 478,730 acres of pristine nature and beauty. Dense forests, rivers, waterfalls and leopards are integral aspects of this beautiful park. This is one must-hike location while in Russia.


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