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Best Buffets in Las Vegas

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Gambling, drinks, nightclubs and of course buffets. This fantasy-land exists, and it’s known as Las Vegas. From seafood to pasta, explore a glutinous, all-you-can-eat experience at some of Vegas’s most notable hotel buffets. Viva la digestive enzymes as you stomach bountiful foods at each buffets’ smorgasbord. Expand your taste buds and your waistline thanks to some uber-good prime rib and stretchy pants.

Bellagio Buffet
The Bellagio’s buffet is one of the most luxurious buffets in the world. The 5-star food caters to sophisticated palates and adventurous eaters. Explore exotic meats including quail, buffalo, sushi and duck – even shrimp pizza. The Bellagio’s crab legs are known to be the best on the strip, and the desserts are known to be delightful for the sugar-craver.

Paris Hotel Buffet
Oui, you are in the Le Village Buffet Paris. The stunning ambience creates a feeling that you have teleported to Paris, France not Paris, Las Vegas. Although the food is grand, and features the same traditional seafood and prime rib food,  but the atmosphere of cobble stone streets and faux home really ties the room together. Explore traditional French foods such as quiche, fine cheese, banana fosters, crème brule and flan. Sorry America, French fries may not be available at this buffet.

Wynn Las Vegas Buffet
Burn extra calories as you truck your junk to the north end of the strip. The upscale ambience put the Paris and the Bellagio in the running for best food and atmosphere. Sit in awe in the deliciousness of your meal while you gaze out of glass ceilings and stare at flower sculptures. Fill your plate with Indian curries, Kobe meatballs, mushroom ravioli and smoked fish. This is one of the best buffets for the veggie-friendly grazer.

Rio’s Carnival World Buffet
If you’re in the mood to put your money where your mouth is, check out Carnival. This is the largest buffet in Vegas. It’s also kid-friendly featuring cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes. Explore a global fiesta of Thai, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian and Chinese specialties. If you love sugar, you’ve come to the right buffet, with more than 70 desserts on table you’ll find everything from cookies to pies to gelato.

Studio B Buffet
Located in the M Resort, this buffet features more than 200 options, including plenty of foods cooked right in front of your feasting eyes. For those who love to stress eat, stay connected to the real world thanks to 116 video screens displayed throughout the serving area. Explore the east and the west through bountiful servings of Asian, Mexican, American and European delights.

Wicked Spoon Buffet
Explore the reasonable portion sizes at the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s buffet. Find out-of-the-ordinary meats such as roasted bone marrow and the helpless little lamb. From chipotle flavored mac-and-cheese to strawberry balsamic gelato, you’ll find an array of global foods, all united under one rooftop.


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