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Emirates Airlines' Airbus A380 Ups the First Class Ante

Flying first-class is indisputably awesome no matter which carrier you choose. That being said, a new video currently making the rounds on social media shows the sweet, sweet ride that first-class passengers can enjoy when they book a private suite to or from Dubai on the Airbus A380, the most luxurious vessel in the Emirates Airlines fleet.

As shown in the nearly eight-minute clip (which was filmed on a flight from Bangkok to Dubai), a private suite includes a desktop multimedia center, beverage cooler, and remote-controlled massage chair. If one so chooses, the seat can be folded down into a bed, and each suite includes a sliding door for extra privacy. Every passenger in the first class cabin, which is located on the upper floor above the cockpit, also receives a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to use during the flight. Then there’s the private bathroom, complete with a full shower and complimentary toiletries.

The A380’s awesome features aren’t limited to first class passengers, either. Those seated in business class gets their own desktop multimedia center and massage chair/bed. There’s also a walk-up lounge located between the business and coach cabins where fliers can order some grub and stretch their legs.

Emirates Airlines is headquartered in Dubai, and that city’s airport acts as the airline’s main hub. If you want a first-class experience on the A380, the plane flies to more than 20 cities. In addition to flights originating in or departing for Dubai, the Airbus also flies between Australia and New Zealand. A full flight schedule is available online.


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