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Crazy Cool Things Made from Ice

Ice. It’s that cool thing we add to our summer drinks and that chilly object we despise in the winter. But when ice meets art, it’s a blistering creation, which transforms into magnificent sculptures or even a hotel. The next time you need to chillax, head up, down or around the world to find the coolest and craziest things created from ice.

Ice Hotel | Sweden
Each winter, Ice Hotel welcomes guests around the world into their cold accommodation. The artwork is created from no other than ice and snow, sculpted into various geometric patterns. For those with extra cash in the pocket, book the Northern Light Suite to view your own artificial Northern Light display from the comfort of your ice bed. Take a sip of wine or fine liquor in Swedish Lapland at the hotel’s Icebar, with glasses made from, you guessed it, ice.

Minus 5 Ice Bar | New Zealand
Can you handle…the thrill of the chill? That’s Minus 5’s motto for an Antarctic experience set amidst the Queenstown landscape. Live life like a penguin in 18 tons of icy architecture. Guests sport a Minus 5 winter coat, as they sip from their ice glass sparkling with a special made Minus 5 cocktail.

Snow Castle | Finland
Each winter season, Finnish snow-men head out in the blistering cold and create a fresh, new snow castle.  2014 celebrates the 19th year in operation. And each year includes a different architectural design, look and features. For those who get hungry, explore the menu the minus -5 degree Celsius, Ice Restaurant. Eating off an icy table never seemed so cool!

Ice Saunas | The World
Hot and cold has never gone together better than a sauna. Warm, chill and relax the muscles with the best of both worlds – heat and cold. The mysterious outdoor Ice Sauna in Siberia struck world attention in 2013. This brings light to a snowy concept now being adopted in Finland, Russia and other “up north” countries. In the States and Canada, Ice Saunas are part of luxury spas with the ability to cool off after sweating in a wooden box. CJ Grand Health Spa in California is a cool place to ice sauna and escape the dry, hot weather.

Harbin Ice Festival | China
As one of the four largest ice festivals in the world, Harbin was established in 1963. Grab your camera and your mittens for one of the iciest scenes on the planet. From snow dragons to ice castles, explore a magical kingdom as the ice sculptures and lit with multi-colored lights. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to a frozen Avatar. Ice, snow, colors, what else do you need besides a multi-colored snow cone to set the scene?


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