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VisaMapper Explains Entry Requirements for Every Country on Earth

If you’ve got your eye on a multinational trip but haven’t had much luck researching visa requirements for all of the stops on your itinerary, then you now have Reddit user udit99 to thank. This individual has created VisaMapper, a user-friendly, super addictive site that visitors can use to review entry requirements for virtually every nation in the world.

To view data for your country of origin or residence, simply select your nationality using the drop-down menu at the top of the page (USA is the default), and VisaMapper’s interactive world map will reveal the visa requirements in every other country. The color scheme is as follows:

  • Maroon represents countries that require a visa prior to arrival
  • Sea Green represents countries that do not require a visa prior to arrival
  • Forest Green represents countries that will provide visas upon arrival
  • Cream represents countries that require an online visa application
  • Red represents countries where travel is restricted or forbidden
  • Black represents countries where the data remains unclear
  • Blue represents the selected nationality

The information on VisaMapper is crowd-sourced, meaning that a country’s color as it pertains to each nationality is determined through upvotes. So if a country appears black, this does not necessarily mean that there isn’t any available information regarding visa requirements―in most cases, it merely indicates a tie in the votes. As more knowledgable site visitors enter their input, these discrepancies will certainly be sorted out.

Here’s how the site works. For instance, let’s say you’re a U.S. citizen. You’ll notice that a visa will not be required for you to visit countries like Canada, Mexico, Japan, and virtually every nation in Western Europe. China, Russia, Brazil, and the vast majority of African nations will require a visa prior to arrival. And only one nation ― Cuba ― will restrict (but not necessarily bar) your entry as a tourist.

Arguably the most fascinating aspect of VisaMapper is the ability to view visa requirements for other nationalities. For instance, the map indicates that Iranians must obtain a visa prior to arrival in all but nine countries (five of which are in Latin America). Israeli citizens are barred from visiting much of the Middle East and North Africa. British travelers may visit all of North and South America without obtaining a visa, with the exception of four nations (the U.S. is one of them). Seriously, try to spend less than one hour on this site.

However, it should be noted that VisaMapper is not a substitute for official government sites that provide the same information. If you’re planning an international trip, be sure to cross-check any data you receive from VisaMapper with the U.S. State Department or other authoritative agencies.


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